Matthew McConaughey thinks it’d be a lot cooler if you were selfish

Estimated reading time 27 mins.

“You’re not an Ayn Rand guy, are you?”

“Or are you?” Larry King adds quickly, allaying the tone of contempt and derision palpable in his first accusatory question.

Matthew McConaughey, his guest on Larry King Now, looking amused though slightly taken aback at the perceivable rancor, answers with a disarming smile, “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

This brief exchange followed Larry’s reading of a quote from Matthew, in which he had said:

“I’ve got much more selfish. I’m a fan of the word ‘selfish.’ I am less concerned with what people think of me. I’m not worried about how I’m perceived. ‘Selfish’ has always gotten a bad rap. You should do for you.”

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