Welcome to the Mr. Bright Side podcast!

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Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history. If you’re not feeling it, you must discover why.”

That first line is incontrovertible. I think the second is nothing less than a tragedy.

And those lines are the first in the opening narration of a new show dedicated to remedying the second condition. More than just bringing positivity, I aim in my new podcast to help listeners develop and apply an optimistic framework toward building the meaningful and happy life we all might deserve. It starts with appreciating the fact of our unprecedented opportunity and of the true riches we already have in our lives, both spiritual and material. Then it is for each of us to constantly seek and earn the optimum in all aspects of living.

Guest reinforcements coming!

One of the main purposes in starting this show was to create for myself a platform by which I could engage in fruitful and exciting conversations with people who think with method, clarity, and enthusiasm in various fields related to human flourishing—the subject about which I proclaim to be a student.

So while I will never run out of topics to discuss on my own, as per the first set of published episodes, I am mostly excited to host interesting guests and see if I can help them enjoy a stimulating conversation. If I’m successful, they will have an excellent document of their latest thinking on a subject they care about. Getting the most out of them will benefit listeners as well as myself, and I can’t think of anything I enjoy more.

Choose your favorite media

Mr. Bright Side can be found on almost any podcast app or site, and you may also find it on YouTube. While it is a podcast, many people prefer to consume even audio content on YouTube. For that, I have taken and produced videos of the podcast recordings. Rather than just an animated audio track icon with a logo, I hope we can better connect as you watch me speak in person.

Look for this page at YouTube:

Find the audio on your favorite podcast app or site:

Apple/ Spreaker/ Google podcasts/ Castbox/ Podchaser/ Podcast Addict/ Deezer/ Spotify/ iHeartRadio

*If a link is not available in your area or otherwise has an issue, try another for now and come back to try again!

Release schedule

Mr. Bright Side will be released every Monday. A first set of seven episodes was published to offer a variety of initial content. Find a title that appeals to you and have a listen!

I promise I will get better as I get more comfortable and learn how to present my ideas more concisely in this form. For now, I hope you find something valuable to make it worth your while. I’ll also be very excited to update you when I have my first guest on.

Get involved. Spread the optimism.

I hope you’ll join me every week as a way to inject some optimism into your life and to help rejuvenate your mind and energy. I’m also really looking forward to hearing from listeners and viewers, as it will help me direct and refine my content to best appeal to and empower them. Please ask questions, make comments, suggest guests, and share your own valuable ideas and insight. I hope to organize a community of individuals who want to drop the pessimism prevalent in a lot of people and media, feel something positive, and strive toward making the most out of their own lives and the lives of those around them.

You can voice your comments or questions here, on any of the podcast media, or on the Mr. Bright Side  Facebook page .

Let us all focus on the Bright Side! Talk to you soon!

Try this episode on to get a taste of what the show might offer you.

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