Podcast Ep. 13 released

Matthew shares how by setting strict limits on our behavior, we can become effectively unaware of the restrictions and deprivation and instead experience only freedom in how we eat and live. This is as true in diet as it is with other daily stresses that can overwhelm us if left undesignated or unlimited. Matthew feels free to eat “whatever he wants,” and he’s not joking.

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Podcast Ep. 12 released

Do your surroundings overwhelm and hamper your life? Are you aware of how they impact your experience of working, playing, and living?

In this episode, Matthew outlines how to be conscious of the places and spaces within which we live our lives and how not to allow them to dictate to us. You can choose and shape everything about your life, including your character, your body, your relationships, your work, your style, and–of course–your environments.

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Podcast Ep. 11 released

Get on the same page with your friends, teammates, co-workers–and most importantly–your dearest ones to more fully achieve your goals and have fewer frustrating fights.

In this episode, Matthew discusses and illustrates why constant communication is paramount in “merging your values” with those whose lives are tied to your own, particularly your loved ones. He highlights the reasons why partnerships flounder and fail, and offers the constructive means by which successful associations (including couples) create a “culture” or “identity” towards joyful progress.

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Podcast Ep. 10 released

Actor Matthew McConaughey made some fascinating comments on Larry King Live some years ago, and MBS’s Matthew delves into their deeper meaning in this latest episode–separating the contradictions from the truth–and helping iron out McConaughey’s admirable attempt to articulate a controversial idea. See why the concept of selfishness has “got a bad rap” (McConaughey’s words), and why, in his view, “you should do for you.”

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