Love from abroad

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Many of my friends in Korea who are not Nova Scotians (or Canadians) are unaware of the tragedy that has crashed upon many families in small communities in my beloved Nova Scotia. It has rocked the province as a whole, and any East Coaster around the world feels the horror, confusion, and anguish.

There is nothing that can be said to comfort the families of the victims, but in my little experience of shock and grief, it matters that people are there. Few places in the world know the sense of community and love of Nova Scotia, and it has heartened me to see Nova Scotians, no matter where they are around the country or the world, express their solidarity and condolences.

My home holds lots of Nova Scotia—paintings, pictures, crafts, and ornaments—and our cat, Eva, cuddles the tartan blanket almost every day. I can see and feel my home anytime I try, and I can see and feel the agony engulfing the land and its people.

Optimism is not about pretending things are rosy. It is about appreciating what we have and making the best of what is given. There is none of that for the moment for the families of the victims, I’m sure. But with time, and the support of a province, I hope their hearts can heal.

Our hearts are heavy in Korea.

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