Debut podcast release: Boulton from Boulton, Ep. 1: NHL 2020 Playoffs: No crowds and 24 “playoff” teams?

Welcome to a brand new podcast featuring my brother Josh and I, as we put on record for your entertainment what we do and love for our own entertainment: talk hockey. Join us through our debut special series discussing the NHL 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs as they approach and unfold.

Episode 1 features: How is having no crowds gonna affect the players in their quest for the 2020 Stanley Cup? What will it mean for stats, teams, and fan bases to have all 24 teams deemed “playoff” teams?

Brothers Josh and Matt Boulton give their take on these questions, and have fun doing it. What’s your take?

The brothers also take a couple moments in this debut episode to establish their own hockey cred. Tune in to see some sincere hockey boys banter as you do with your own friends and family.

Follow along during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and see if the boys say what you’re thinking. And if not, let them know what you think!

Listen on:

Spotify/ Apple/ Podcast Addict/ Podchaser/ Deezer/ JioSaavn/ Spreaker/ Castbox

Others will be added as they are made available.

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