Boulton from Boulton podcast, ep. 13: Second-round stories, modern spoiler etiquette, & Dale Hawerchuk

The boys reminisce about Dale Hawerchuk in the era of Gretzky, Lemieux, and the uber-competitive Smythe division, as Josh also shares a personal encounter with the man himself. They then share their irritation with some poor spoiler behavior and the lack of spoiler prevention with On Demand services after discussing all four second-round series.

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Boulton from Boulton podcast, ep. 11: Which would you choose?

The brothers discuss Josh’s wild idea that power plays not be broken up between periods—that instead, the period is extended to allow the full two minutes. Matt is warm to the idea but has some questions. What do you think?

And as the title reveals, the boys debate whether they’d rather have a power play or a penalty shot. Which would you take? Tune in for that and way, way more in this packed episode!

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Love the home you live in: Podcast ep. 29 released

How can you start to love the home you live in? Why is furniture so expensive? How important is color in a room, and how do I discover what colors I like–and where I like them? How about windows, lighting, plants, art? Phew, that’s a lot.

Design is expensive and time consuming, yet our homes exert an influence on us every moment of every day. To do design well, however, if you don’t hire somebody, it takes a lot of strategy.

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