Depression: The “silent thief”: Podcast ep. 53 now released

Whether you’re depressed or not, none of us are operating in perfect mental health. And in any case, we all need to be better educated for those around us who may be struggling and for whom we might make a difference. Lewis Page, successful and respected soccer coach, loved father, husband, friend, and all-around popular and healthy guy, does not fit one’s typical image of what depression looks like. Yet he lives with it.

Hear how shocked people were to see his 2016 Bell Let’s Talk Day video in which he revealed his struggle, and the overwhelming reaction that he couldn’t have been prepared for. Then learn about his most recent video, in which he shares his current state of successful dealing with depression, including all the reasons why. In this outstanding interview, Lewis tells us how the “silent thief” steals one’s joy, energy, and ambition, but then how to employ tools and practices to live happily in spite of mental health problems. Learn something for yourself and for those around you, because “every action matters.”

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