How safe is your city? Crime hotspots in America’s biggest cities

By Andre Pardillo | Stacker

A close-up view of a driver's seat window, showing damaged glass due to car theft.

Kirill_ak_ white // Shutterstock

(Stacker) – FBI data shows that despite a 2% decline in the national violent crime rate in 2022, property crimes increased during the same period. It is striking that the theft figures of motor vehicles have increased by more than 10%. The number of cases of theft, including shoplifting, also saw a significant increase of 7%.

To determine the most common areas in the US for specific crimes, MoneyGeek analyzed recent FBI crime data for 295 cities with populations over 100,000. Cities in the South and Midwest report some of the highest crime rates for violent crimes. Alternatively, Western cities experience the highest rates of property crimes, such as theft, motor vehicle theft and burglary.

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