Special performances at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum bring historical figures back to life

Special performances bring historical figures back to life at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum.

The Chautauqua gives actors the opportunity to bring historical figures to life to educate the audience about important parts of history. This year’s theme is “Raise Every Voice: 60 Years Since the Civil Rights Act.”

There will be a series of performances and workshops every day this week until Saturday.

The Chautauqua Committee said the performances offer a new look at history through character reenactments.

Some of the historical characters being reimagined include Lady Bird Johnson, Earl Warren, and Thurgood Marshall.

Performer Rebecca Marks Jimmerson will play Coretta Scott King.

“She was an amazing and inspiring lady and I don’t think she got everything she was due. She was actually there as his chief advisor. She helped him make most of his speeches,” Jimmerson said.

Each session includes a question and answer portion that allows the actors to interact with the audience. They start at 12:00 noon, 5:30 pm and then at 7:00 pm and are free.

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