Shapiro Administration supports internship programs throughout Pa.

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The Shapiro Administration has announced that $5 million in grant funding is available to expand registered internship programs across Pennsylvania.

Organizations across the Commonwealth are invited to apply for grants to support the creation and expansion of registered internship programs that provide earn-as-you-learn opportunities for Pennsylvania workers in historically underserved populations.

Apprenticeship programs traditionally served the construction industry. According to a press release, the Shapiro administration is also prioritizing the development of apprenticeship programs in new sectors and promoting these opportunities among historically underserved populations as a path to family-sustaining wages.

TheUS Department of Laborestimates that apprentices earn an average starting salary of $80,000 per year after graduation and are on track to earn $300,000 more over their careers compared to workers who do not graduate from an internship program. For every dollar spent on apprenticeships, employers receive an average of $1.47 in increased productivity.

Labor & IndustryEducation and training agencycurrently supports 883 unduplicated registered sponsors of apprenticeship programs and 1,560 career-specific programs throughout Pennsylvania. There are currently 115 registered pre-apprenticeship programs and 1,685 active pre-apprenticeships.

In this round of funding, single-county initiatives are eligible for up to $400,000 in grant funding, and multi-county or statewide initiatives can apply for up to $600,000. Applicants must submit their proposal by Friday, July 12.

Qualified projects will propose internship programs that achieve the following:

  • Build new or expand current registered apprentice programs that recruit from diverse talent pipelines and serve historically underserved populations.
  • Support the expansion of programs into high-growth and/or high-need occupations.
  • Improve alignment between existing apprenticeship programs and secondary and/or post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Support the expansion of internship programs with statewide or multi-county reach.

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