Utah Jazz unveil new uniforms and color scheme for upcoming seasons

The Utah Jazz have announced four new uniforms that the team will roll out over the next two seasons.

(Utah Jazz) From left to right, Jazz players Lauri Markkanen, Keyonte George, Taylor Hendricks and Walker Kessler wear four new Jazz jerseys debuting with the 2024-2025 season.

Purple is back.

Really back.

On Wednesday, the Utah Jazz unveiled new uniforms for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 seasons. The “Spotlight Yellow” color the team has worn in recent years will be phased out, and a new “Mountain Basketball” theme will be introduced that fully embraces purple as the Jazz’s primary color.

The Jazz also want Utah’s mountains to be the core of their brand identity.

(Utah Jazz) The four new Jazz jerseys and their release dates.

“It’s really been a philosophy that’s part of who we are. … We realized this was a really good time to bring that back to the forefront,” said Ben Barnes, the team’s senior brand director. “It has defined our culture since the team moved here. It is rooted in our homes, our unparalleled love for the sport, the accuracy of playing at height and in the growing trust of the community.”

The jerseys will be gradually added to the Jazz schedule.

The team’s “City” uniform – with a purple base, stark white mountains and an upward-slanting “Utah” in the center – will see action as soon as this year. After January 1, a black mountain jersey will be introduced as the team’s “Statement” jersey.

Two new “Mountain Utah” uniforms will be added to the mix in 2025-26: one white and one purple, but both with mountain features front and center.

That means the Jazz will have an old and new look for the upcoming 2024-2025 season. The white jersey from the Jazz’s last two seasons will still be part of the rotation for now, while the team’s black jersey with yellow lettering will be worn until December 31, when the newer black jersey will replace it.

“Normally this isn’t the way things are done, but we wanted to get the story out there,” Barnes said of the dual-themed season.

The new look includes recolored logos, which the Jazz are calling Mountain Purple, Midnight Black and Sky Blue as the team colors.

(Utah Jazz) A logo sheet with logos that the Utah Jazz will use in the future.

Three of the four upcoming new jerseys will feature “Utah” on the front instead of “Jazz” – a choice Barnes said was intentional.

“We are one of the few teams in the NBA that represents an entire state and not just a city. I think that’s important,” Barnes said. “We wanted to make sure Utah was the focus of our uniforms for this uniform set.”

These jerseys will not be immediately available for fan purchase. Instead, the team is targeting a purchase date for fans of ‘Fall 2024’ for the purple jersey ‘City’ edition, and ‘Early 2025’ for the black ‘Statement’ jersey. The two jerseys for the 2025-2026 season will not be available for purchase until the following season.

New York-based creative design studio Doubleday & Cartwright helped the Jazz build the branding and uniforms. The Smith Entertainment Group has contracted with the studio to also create the branding for the new Utah NHL team.

As part of the jersey unveiling, approximately 50 Junior Jazz participants were chosen to participate in a photo shoot for the team. Photos were taken around the valley – at Ridgeview Elementary and Fort Herriman Middle School in Herriman, and at Churchill Junior High in Millcreek.

The state’s approximately 70,000 Junior Jazz participants will receive a reversible version of the jersey, with the purple “City” jersey on the front and the black “Statement” jersey on the back.

(Utah Jazz) A photo shoot with four Junior Jazz participants highlights four new Jazz jerseys.

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