‘We need to get rid of some of these Washington DC policies’

MINOT – Due to a scheduling mix-up with Attorney General Drew Wrigley – he came to discuss North Dakota’s legal position on redistricting lawsuits – this episode of Plain Talk was cut short.

Still, despite the shorter show, we covered some good ground. My co-host Chad Oban and I talked about the top election official in one of North Dakota’s most populous counties winning a gift from the campaign of U.S. House of Representatives candidate Rick Becker.

We also had Bismarck resident Lance Hagen to discuss his Federal Elections Commission complaint against state Rep. Brandon Prichard and his federal political action committee Citizens Alliance of North Dakota, which has run a number of highly inaccurate ads and, Hagen alleged, may have violates federal law. rules for independent committees that work with candidates.

Hagen also said he is concerned that Prichard is distributing money between the political committees he founded, arguing that the money could be used for purposes that donors did not intend.

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Rob Poort

Rob Port is a news reporter, columnist and podcast host for the Forum News Service with an extensive background in investigations and public records. He covers politics and government in North Dakota and the upper Midwest. Reach him at [email protected]. Click here to subscribe to his Plain Talk podcast.

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