DVIDS – News – Parents’ home becomes a site for a promotion ceremony for Nevada Army Guard colonel

By Master Sgt. Erick Studenicka
Nevada Army Guard

CARSON CITY – Jonathan Hall, a self-confident man of few words, summed up his 85th birthday succinctly but perfectly on Tuesday: “It’s the best birthday yet.”

On the same day he turned 85, his son Karsten Hall was promoted to the rank of colonel in the Nevada Army Guard – right on the senior Hall’s porch. Ruth Hall, Karsten’s mother, also sat in the front row on the porch for the ceremony led by Brig. General Troy Armstrong. Jonathan Hall is unable to travel due to ill health. Dozens of relatives and friends of the younger Hall filled the garden during the ceremony, but the porch seats were reserved for Jonathan and Ruth.

The site of the ceremony in southeast Carson City was the home of Karsten Hall for six years in the 1980s. The Hall family moved to Carson City in August 1981 and it has been Jonathan and Ruth’s home for almost 43 years. Karsten was one of Eagle Valley Middle School’s first students and lived in the house until he enlisted in the Army in 1988.

Karsten, who still lives in Carson City, said the easy solution to getting his parents to his promotion ceremony was simply to bring the ceremony to them — just a short drive from the Office of the Adjutant General’s campus Office on Fairview Drive, where Karsten works. as director of logistics.

“To ensure that my entire family could participate in the ceremony, we came up with the idea of ​​having it here in the house,” Karsten said. “We came up with the idea last week. I came over and made sure my mom was good about it – people invading her yard – and she was good about it and we put the plan in motion.

Armstong, the land component commander of the Nevada Army Guard, said Hall’s ceremony was the first he had seen in a private home.

“It’s my first ceremony at a residence, but a great opportunity for the Hall family,” said Armstrong, who sent one of his general’s coins to Jonathan Hall to commemorate his birthday. “It’s great that Karsten’s parents will have the opportunity to see one of their son’s military milestones. I still regret that my own father could not see my last promotion.”

Although not as long as Karsten’s nearly 40-year military career, Jonathan Hall also recorded an honorable military service stint with four years of service in the United States Air Force from 1959-1963. He married Ruth in 1967 and they had two sons (Karsten and Matthew) who have given Jonathan and Ruth nine grandchildren (ranging in age from 6 to 36) and a three-year-old great-grandchild.

Ruth Hall concluded her husband’s summary of the ceremony with some elaboration.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” Ruth said. “Karsten came up with it and wanted us to participate – and here we are with the best view of the ceremony.”

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