New York will spend $74 million to build a new hospital in WNY. What to know

State officials on Monday announced the release of $74 million in taxpayer-backed funds to build a new hospital in Western New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul said.

The hospital will replace the aging Brooks-TLC Hospital, the only community hospital in Chautauqua County. The state funds, previously allocated, were released after health care unions and workers pressured government officials for seven years to strengthen health care in the rural community, unions said in a statement.

Kaleida Health, the Buffalo-based health care system, and Brooks-TLC Health Systems have entered into an agreement with the Hochul government and labor groups to build the new hospital in the village of Fredonia, the governor’s office said. It is expected to open in about three years, replacing the current hospital in the city of Dunkirk.

“Every New Yorker deserves access to essential health care services when and where they need them most,” Hochul said in a statement, calling the new facility “a major win” for the Chautauqua County community.

Details of the new hospital in Western NY

Plans for the new hospital include upgrading medical equipment and technology to provide advanced health care, the governor’s office noted, adding that this would also ensure that 300 employees at the current hospital keep their jobs and more would help attract medical providers to the region.

Kaleida Health, in consultation with the Brooks-TLC Hospital leadership team and board of directors, will plan, construct and operate the new Brooks-TLC Hospital, and when it opens it will serve as the active parent and sole member of the new hospital, Hochul said.

The proposed new hospital would include:

  • Emergency services (12 bays) and a helipad.
  • 15 beds (medical/surgical)
  • Surgical suite (four rooms) and two treatment rooms.
  • Imaging – CT/CTA/MRI/Ultrasound/Rad/Dexa Scan/Nuclear Med/3D Mammography
  • Laboratory services/pathology and other medical services.

The current hospital is covered by the national State Directed Payment program and the Vital Access Provider Assurance Program, additional financing programs to support hospitals in financial need.

As a hospital that received state financial support, it had to develop restructuring plans that would guide it toward sustainability, Hochul noted. During the course of the restructuring efforts, Brooks merged with TLC Network and the combined entity became affiliated with Kaleida Health.

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New Western NY Hospital ‘offers renewed hope,’ unions say

Union members of the 1199 SEIU and the New York State Nurses Association claimed they had worked “at the outdated Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk” and continued to “provide the best care under difficult circumstances.”

The new hospital “provides renewed hope to keep access to quality care local,” they added in a statement, noting that New York released the funds after hospital staff hosted a public meeting at the hospital entrance last fall and had held a community forum in March to pressure for the aid.

“Rural health care should be no less valued than health care anywhere else,” Heather Luce, a nurse at Brooks Hospital, said in a statement, noting that state funding “ensures that the people and families our state depends on agriculture and industry can live here. , thrive here and have access to quality healthcare here.”

Hospital leadership is expected to submit a revised Certificate of Need application to the Ministry of Health, which will expedite approval, Hochul said.

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