State Senator Regina Birdsell is filing for re-election

CONCORD, NH – Sen. Regina Birdsell, R-Hampstead, has submitted her candidacy to the New Hampshire Secretary of State to run for re-election in the 19th Senate District.

Her district includes the towns of Derry, Hampstead and Windham.


“Today we have made it official – I am trying to earn the support of voters in Derry, Hampstead and Windham,” Birdsell said. “In the Senate, I have advocated for balanced budgets, responsible spending, safer communities, election integrity, funding for schools and expanding school choice, economic development, advocated for the unborn, and protected our Second Amendment rights.”

Since his re-election in 2022, Birdsell has served as chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and as a member of the Senate Finance and Energy Committees.

“The Granite State is the envy of our neighbors and it is Republicans in the Legislature who have taken the lead in making this happen. In 2024, New Hampshire was ranked as the best state in the Northeast and second best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. We’ve done this by cutting taxes, balancing our budgets, ensuring our communities stay safe, funding our public schools while expanding choice for our students, and taking a pro-business approach followed that has benefited our economy.”

“I believe there is still much we can do to ensure our state remains an attractive place for families, seniors, veterans, students and businesses. I will continue to focus on protecting New Hampshire’s advantage. The voters of District 19 can always count on me to support government accountability and protect their tax dollars from waste. Finally, a senator’s most important role is as a problem solver for his constituents. My door will always be open to voters who want a problem solved. I look forward to campaigning in our community this summer and fall to once again earn your support.”

The following state representatives from District 19 endorsed her candidacy:

  • Representative Charlie Foote, Derry
  • Representative Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry Representative David Love, Derry
  • Representative David Milz, Derry
  • Representative Jodi Nelson, Derry
  • Representative Stephen Pearson, Derry
  • Representative Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, Derry
  • Representative John Potucek, Derry
  • Representative Richard Tripp, Derry
  • Representative Joe Guthrie, Hampstead
  • Representative Mark Pearson, Hampstead
  • Representative Lilli Walsh, Hampstead
  • Rep. Katelyn Kuttab, Windham
  • Representative Bob Lynn, Windham
  • Rep. Charlie McMahon, Windham
  • Representative Julius Soti, Windham
  • Rep. Daniel Popovici-Mueller, Windham

Regarding today’s endorsements, Birdsell added, “Together we have fought for our constituents and neighbors in our three cities and worked together on legislation to improve the lives of people in our communities. I am grateful and humbled by the support and encouragement I have received from my colleagues in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I look forward to campaigning together to ensure the cities of Derry, Hampstead and Windham continue to elect officials who will fight for a better future and ensure our citizens can thrive.”

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Submitted by Regina for NH campaign.

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