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U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden

U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden

How did the remaining Republican members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation react to the verdict in the Trump trial? It’s fair to say they weren’t happy.

Here is the statement from the Fifth District representative. Scott Fitzgerald in a press release:

The Democrats are so desperate to keep the spotlight off the president Biden‘s poorly functioning policy agenda has ensured that they have brought the rule of law to a new low. The verdict handed down today in the trial of President Trump is an absolute sham and based largely on the ‘testimony’ of a convicted liar whose credibility is as low as it can get. The American people are watching closely – and what they see is complete abuse and weaponization of our government against political opponents.

Fitzgerald offers a theme that runs through Republican responses to the verdict: that Democrats were a homogeneous body led by President Joe Biden.

A message on X (formerly Twitter) from Representative Tom Tiffany seems completely disconnected from reality:

Here is a statement from Rep. Derrick Van Ordenthe press release:

It is a dark day for our country. I am truly disgusted by the verdict that upheld the sham prosecution of the Democrats’ political opponent.

This decision by the Democrats to establish a two-tier legal system has now placed the United States on the same level as the Soviet Union. I remain committed to supporting President Donald J. Trump to victory in November and ensuring that our justice system is held accountable for the clear biases they have exposed through this process. This will not last.”

But as the Badger Project reported, Van Orden made several more “unhinged” quotes on Twitter: “In a series of nonsensical posts on presided. money fraud trial before an obscure Nazi judge, called him “communist scum,” posted an American flag emblazoned with the Soviet hammer and sickle, and equated President Joe Biden with murderous dictators like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong And Adolf Hitler.”

Compared to that representative Glenn Grothman was relatively reserved:

Senator from Wisconsin Ron Johnson was in a similar mood:

Finally, Congressman Bryan Steil gave perhaps the shortest response to Trump’s guilty verdict: “I fully expect that the New York v. Trump verdict will be appealed and overturned.”

The theme of a democratic conspiracy was reiterated by the WisGOP chairman Brian Schimming:

This is a dark day for America. The Democrats have weaponized the justice system with their politically motivated prosecution of President Trump. Today’s verdict is a national shame. And voters will make their disapproval known in November when they vote to put President Trump back in the White House.

Not every Republican takes this position, but they are typically no longer in office. Consider this more thoughtful response from the former governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson:

It’s not easy to see a former president and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party convicted of crimes; but the jury’s verdict must be respected. An appeal is appropriate, but let us not diminish the significance of this judgment.

In recent years, several deep blue states, most notably Massachusetts, Vermont and Maryland, have elected Republican governors. In such situations, they may sound slightly different from the most ardent Trump supporters. One of which is Larry Hogan who served a term-limited term as governor of Maryland and is currently running for Senate.

Shortly before the jury’s decision, he made a relatively mild statement about X:

Regardless of the outcome, I urge all Americans to respect the verdict and the legal process… We must reaffirm what has made this nation great: the rule of law.

This was enough to trigger an angry response from the Trump world. A top Trump aide, Chris LaCivitareplied, “You just ended your campaign.” Then Coxwho defeated Hogan’s nominee to succeed him in the 2022 Republican primary for governor but lost by a two-to-one margin in the general election, called on the state GOP to censure Hogan “because of his despicable and disgusting announcement.”

There are several themes running through these responses. One is that the Democrats are a monolith, that the case against Trump was simply motivated by a desire to damage Trump’s chances of winning the upcoming election. They provide no evidence to support this claim. There is no evidence that Bragg signed up for Biden’s re-election campaign.

A more plausible scenario is that Bragg is a prosecutor. Prosecuting crimes is what prosecutors do. Falsifying company records is a crime in New York. All twelve jurors, including two attorneys, agreed that the evidence presented at the trial was sufficient to prove that Trump committed the crime.

What we are seeing is a projection by Trump and other MAGA Republicans of their plans if they are successful in the election. They accuse Democrats of “weaponizing” the country’s justice system to serve partisan purposes. Trump has made it very clear that he plans to use the Justice Department against his enemies if he is elected, and to reject the election results if he loses.

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