New York State Legislature Passes Bill to Give Families a Full Pension Upon the Death of Pension-Eligible Transit Workers

The families of dead New York transit workers could get more financial relief, after both houses of the state legislature voted Wednesday to pass a bill to end the so-called “death gamble.”

Currently, the family of a transit worker who is entitled to a pension but chooses to work anyway will not be eligible for the worker’s pension if their loved one dies before retirement.

But a bill passed Wednesday by both the New York State Senate and Assembly would grant a family full retirement benefits upon the death of a pension-eligible transit worker, regardless of whether they chose to work to stay or not.

Supporters of the bill argue that the legislation will encourage veteran transit workers to stay on the job without feeling like they are “risking” their retirement.

Michael Carrube, head of the Subway Surface Supervisors Association, told the Daily News that his union has been pushing for the legislation since 2017.

“We hope (Hochul government) signs this bill,” Carrube said. “This would be a huge victory for all transit workers.”

The bill is expected to reach Hochul’s desk within 90 days.

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