State of Tennessee vs. David Swift: A Summary of the Trial So Far


DRESDEN, Tenn. – The case of the State of Tennessee versus David Swift is now in the hands of the jury.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, closing arguments came from both the prosecution and defense, as the jury will now decide whether David Swift is guilty or not guilty of the death of his wife, Karen Swift.

This trial began on May 28 and the jury was selected.

Prosecutor Danny Goodman argued that David Swift was linked to Karen’s quick murder.

While defense attorney Daniel Taylor argued a case surrounding David Swift’s injury and the lack of evidence related to his wife’s murder.

On Day 2, the jury heard from witnesses and details about Karen’s whereabouts on the night of her disappearance.

On Day 3, more friends gave their testimony about the Swifts, along with forensic evidence that Karen Swift had suffered blunt force trauma to her body and may also have been strangled.

On May 31, the jury heard from a tire expert that Karen’s tire was split with a screw that had been manually tightened.

They also learned from a doctor that David’s knee was injured and that no other DNA was found on her body.

On Day 5, the judge made the decision to have enough circumstantial evidence to move the case forward.

On June 4, the jury heard from Karen and David’s children.

David Swift did not testify.

On Wednesday, the jury listened to both closing arguments for their verdict.

“Not one of them said ‘No.’ Everyone agreed with her assessment of the case. Therefore, I am inclined to adjourn the meeting for a day and will give them a strong warning tonight about their behavior. And then we’ll bring them back here early tomorrow morning,” Judge Mark Hayes said.

The jury did not reach a decision today.

The jury will resume deliberations Thursday at the Weakley County Courthouse.

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