Amazon’s Zoox expands robotaxi testing to Austin and Miami

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Zoox’s self-designed autonomous vehicles can accommodate 4 passengers

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Amazon’s self-driving unit Zoox has announced plans to test its robotaxis in Austin and Miami.

This is the first time the company will conduct trials outside the western US.

The test fleet will consist of converted Toyota Highlanders, which will be deployed in small areas near the business and entertainment districts of both cities.

Zoox has tested its autonomous vehicles in California, Nevada

Zoox has tested its self-designed autonomous vehicles in California and Nevada. Built without steering wheels or pedals, these vehicles can accommodate four passengers.

Austin and Miami will serve as the fourth and fifth public testing sites for Zoox, following San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seattle.

Despite ongoing investigations into two crashes involving Zoox vehicles, the company is exploring several cities for commercial offerings after its initial launch in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

NHTSA is investigating Zoox and other robotaxi companies

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently investigating 500 Zoox vehicles equipped with automated driving systems after two crashes.

The NHTSA is also investigating other self-driving robotaxi companies, such as General Motors’ Cruise and Alphabet’s Waymo.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Cruise recently resumed operations in Dallas with a small fleet of human drivers after an incident involving one of its robotaxis in San Francisco last October.

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