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Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened that Russia could supply weapons to other countries to attack the West, headlined the British newspaper ‘Guardian’, BTA wrote in the press review.

The publication notes that this warning comes after a US senator confirmed that Ukraine recently used US weapons to attack Russian territory. Putin yesterday criticized the West’s supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine and warned that Moscow could supply similar weapons to other countries to attack Western targets.

“If anyone thinks it is possible to deliver such weapons into a war zone to attack our territory and cause us problems, why should we not be allowed to deliver our weapons of the same type to regions of the world where they are sensitive locations will hit? of countries acting against Russia in this way?” Putin said at a major press conference in St. Petersburg, organized for representatives of foreign news agencies.

His comments came after a US senator and a Western official confirmed that Ukraine had recently used US weapons to attack Russian territory. The weapons were used in accordance with recently approved guidelines from US President Joe Biden that allow the use of US weapons to attack Russian territory for the limited purpose of defending Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, confirmed the attacks involving U.S. weapons but did not say who informed him. Biden’s directive allows US-supplied weapons to be used to attack Russian forces carrying out attacks or preparing to attack. It does not change U.S. policy, which recommends that Ukraine not use U.S.-supplied tactical ATAKMS missiles, long-range ballistic missiles and other munitions to attack Russian territory, U.S. officials said.

Germany also recently allowed Ukraine to attack some targets on Russian territory with long-range weapons supplied by Berlin, a move Putin said would be a “dangerous step” that would damage relations between Berlin and Moscow.

Ukrainian officials have stepped up calls for the US and other allies to allow Ukrainian forces to defend themselves against attacks coming from Russian territory. Kharkiv is located just 20 km from the Russian border and is subject to increasing Russian attacks, the British publication points out. According to a June 3 report from the Institute for the Study of War, Ukrainian forces attacked a Russian S-300/400 air defense battery in the Belgorod region on June 1 or 2, possibly with a HYMARS missile system. was located about 60 km from the current front line in the northern part of the Kharkov region and more than 80 km from the city of Kharkov, within the range of HAYMARS, the institute reported.

Putin threatens to supply weapons to third countries that could hit Western interests, the French newspaper Figaro wrote in a headline. The publication notes that these comments come at a time when the West is beginning to allow Ukraine to attack Russian territory under certain circumstances with Western weapons supplied to Kiev.

Putin warned that he would supply weapons to third countries that could harm Western interests if the West allowed Ukraine to attack Russia with its long-range missiles. Ukraine has been pushing for such a permit for months. However, Putin said that if Western long-range missiles were fired at targets in Russia in the future, Moscow would retaliate. Many Western countries are against the use of their weapons against Russian territory, especially long-range and high-precision missiles, for fear that this could lead to escalation by Russia.

The Russian president also claimed that Western military instructors are “already in Ukraine and suffering losses” that they are keeping secret. “They are on Ukrainian territory and unfortunately they are suffering losses. The American and European countries prefer to remain silent,” Putin said at the press conference organized within the framework of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

France recently announced that it is considering sending military instructors to Ukraine to accelerate the training of Ukrainian soldiers, and forming a European coalition to that end. Putin had already said last week that Western instructors were fighting in Ukraine “under the guise of mercenaries” alongside the Ukrainian armed forces. Other countries, such as the United States, have refused to send instructors, and no country has reported the presence of its military in Ukraine.

At the press conference, the Russian leader reiterated his arguments that Russia is ready to sit at the negotiating table and that the best way to stop the war is for the West to “stop supplying weapons” to Ukraine. “Supplying weapons to a conflict area is always a bad thing. Especially when it comes to the fact that suppliers not only supply weapons, but also control them. This is a very serious and very dangerous step,” he added. Putin refused to give figures on the losses suffered by the Russian army in almost two and a half years of war, simply saying that they were “much lower” than Ukrainian losses, as “the ratio is one in five.” “If we talk about irreparable losses (human casualties), the ratio is one in five” compared to the losses suffered on the Ukrainian side, he said.

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