Wisconsin family hit by bandit in backyard

A Wisconsin family was taken by surprise after a hungry meat thief recently entered their backyard to steal a piece of meat.

The meat theft victims live in the Eau Claire area. They had 12 pounds of brisket on their backyard smoker and let it slow cook overnight. Smoking brisket can be quite a time-consuming activity, so smoking it at night is a fairly common practice.

The smell of smoking meat must have attracted the thief, who decided to take advantage of the fact that the family was fast asleep. He chose to strike under the veil of darkness, but the family’s security camera got some pretty clear footage of the chest bandit in the backyard.

While the family is probably grateful that none of their other valuables were stolen, the thief made off with a 12-pound piece of brisket that was on their backyard smoker. That’s easily about $80-90 worth of meat, plus the time it takes to prepare and smoke it, so it wasn’t like it was a cheap loss.

Eau Claire Police Department on Facebook

Eau Claire Police Department on Facebook

The family shared the video with Eau Claire police, who in turn shared the video on their Facebook page in an effort to find the perpetrator.

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The video shows a man opening the smoker while holding a pan to put the meat in. The prepared thief then takes a fork from his pocket to help get the meat out of the smoker. He even licks his fingers a few times as he puts the meat in his pan before walking away from the stage, leaving the smoker open as he goes.

In the ECPD Facebook post, they ask if anyone knows the identity of the chest bandit, who they say “made a clean getaway with 12 pounds of deliciousness.”

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The department is asking anyone who knows who this person is to contact the Eau Claire Police Department’s non-emergency phone line or submit a tip to Crimestoppers.

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