Dakota Fanning reveals birthday gift Tom Cruise sends every year

Tom Cruise takes the mission of birthday gift giving very seriously.

In fact the Top pistol star has made sure former costar Dakota Fanning gets an extra special gift from him every year, a tradition that started when he played her father in 2005 War of the Worlds.

“I turned 11 War of the Worlds when we worked together,” she explained The Kelly Clarkson Show June 5, “and he gave me my first cell phone for that birthday. It was a Motorola Razr.”

The 30-year-old joked that even though she “had no one to call” at the time, she “wanted a Razr so badly.”

“I’ve probably talked about it a lot,” she laughed, “because that’s what he gave me. It was such a great memory.”

But Tom’s gifts didn’t stop there: the 61-year-old has continued to send her birthday presents.

“He always sends me the same thing every year, after the cell phone,” she said. “I loved shoes when I was little and I started fitting into really small adult shoes when I was in the market War of the Worlds press tour, so I was very excited about it. And so from that birthday on he always sends me shoes.”

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