PCB chief steps in to change the team’s hotel in New York


PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi has taken decisive action regarding the housing arrangements for the Pakistan cricket team in New York. His intervention has ensured that our players are well housed and ready to perform at their best.

Initially, things didn’t look too rosy in terms of accommodation. The Green Shirts were booked into a hotel no less than a 90-minute drive from the stadium.

Can you imagine that our players have to endure such long travel times on match days? Totally unacceptable, right? That’s exactly what Chairman Naqvi thought!


Naqvi was dissatisfied with the original arrangements and wasted no time. He contacted the ICC and urged the event organizers to move the team to a more convenient hotel. His main argument? He did not allow his team to endure long travel times, especially with crucial matches against India and Canada scheduled for June 9 and 11.

Naqvi’s persistence paid off. The Pakistan team has now moved to a hotel just a five-minute drive from the stadium. This move not only ensures that the players are well rested, but also puts them in the right frame of mind for the upcoming matches.

However, it’s not just about convenience. Naqvi’s actions highlight a broader issue of fairness. For example, the Indian team was housed just 10 minutes from the ground.


Meanwhile, other teams such as South Africa and Sri Lanka were also stuck with over an hour’s drive to the stadium. Naqvi made it clear: if the hotel was not changed, he would take care of the team’s comfort at the PCB’s expense.

As the team wraps up their match against the US on Thursday, they will fly to New York, ready to take on their arch-rivals India on June 9.

They will then face Canada on June 11 and finally Ireland on June 16. With their accommodation sorted, the team can concentrate on what they do best: playing phenomenal cricket.

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