Congestion pricing in NYC has been suspended indefinitely

NEW YORK — New York City’s congestion pricing, set to go into effect June 30, may not go into effect as planned now that Gov. Kathy Hochul is having second thoughts about a plan to raise millions more for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Sen. James Skoufis (D, Cornwall), who is a party to one of the lawsuits opposing the $15 per day surcharge for motorists, was pleased to hear that the plan is on hold indefinitely.

“Whatever the motive that brought us to this time, this particular moment in 2024 to put forward this proposal is really insignificant to me. All I care about is getting this done,” he said. “Whatever the path was that got the governor or whoever to the point where they’re now raising concerns and looking for a pause button on congestion pricing, I’m glad that.”

Senator Rob Rolison (R, Poughkeepsie) also joined the lawsuit.

The state Legislature adjourns for the year on Friday, so any action would have to happen quickly.

Should the congestion charge be postponed indefinitely, state officials have proposed replacing it with an increase in business taxes that would only affect New York City businesses.

Skoufis and other Mid-Hudson lawmakers have expressed concern that congestion pricing would hit area commuters hard in the pockets.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day, meanwhile, said the governor “must not just pause this plan, but eliminate it completely. If not, we will continue our legal fight, along with my colleagues in government, on behalf of the families we serve who do not deserve another unnecessary tax.”

“Since day one, I have been fighting alongside countless Hudson Valley families against this unfair, uninformed and unacceptable congestion pricing plan. Today I am proud to say that we have ended the congestion pricing,” said Congressman Pat Ryan. “Now is the time to work on a plan that actually makes sense for the entire state, not just New York City, including commitments to significant service additions and meaningful reductions for public employees. I will continue to oppose anyone, regardless of party, who tries to rip off hardworking Hudson Valley families.”

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