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Canned cocktails aren’t new, but they have certainly improved over time. Not only do they taste better than they used to, there are tons of affordable options available for anyone looking to crack open a cold drink, with or without booze.

The most popular canned beverage drinks:

  • High Noon is the canned cocktail of choice in seven states: Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming.
  • Bev, a canned wine, is the top choice in five states: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, South Dakota and Vermont.
  • Known for quality ingredients and tasty flavors, Cutwater Spirits is also number one in five states: Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Missouri and Washington, DC
  • Another canned wine, Kim Crawford, is most popular in four states: Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska and New Hampshire.
  • The Miami Cocktail Company wins in Florida, White Claw is most popular in Alabama and Wisconsin, while in Georgia they prefer Tip Top Proper Cocktails and in New York Cocktail Squad is number one.

As for mocktails:

  • Hiyo Social Tonic holds the top spot in 11 states: Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • Recess is most popular in eight states, including Kansas, Nebraska and Tennessee.
  • Mingle Mocktails is a leader in seven states, including Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and Texas.

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