UFC must offer refunds if the UFC 303 main event is canceled

There have been doubts about Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC for some time now. When the UFC announced that McGregor would face Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 303, some of that discomfort disappeared. However, when the UFC postponed the UFC 303 press conference on Monday, there was a renewed sense of nervousness in the air.

For those who bought tickets for UFC 303, and according to the expected gate of more than $20 million, many tickets were purchased at high prices. There could be some relief if the UFC cancels the main event of UFC 303 before fight night. , which is scheduled for June 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NSAC Policy on UFC Main Event Changes

The following is from the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s guidelines on unarmed combat (in bold):

NAC 467.255 Change or substitution at main event: notification by promoter; refund of the ticket price; approval of replacement. (NRS 467.030)

1. The promoter of an unarmed struggle program shall, if possible:

(a) Inform the Commission and the media any modification or replacement in relation to a competition or exhibition announced or advertised as the main event of the program; And

(b) Give such notice at least 24 hours before the first match or exhibition of the program.

The promoter will also prominently announce the change or substitution at the box office of the premises where the program is to be held and ensure that the change or substitution is announced from the ring or, if the program is held in a fenced area, from the fenced area, before the first competition or exhibition of the program.

2. If such a change or substitution occurs and a Patron wishes to refund the price of the Patron’s ticket, the Promoter must refund the Patron’s money if the Patron requests a refund from the Promoter within such period after the Promoter publicly makes the change or substitution has announced. as the Executive Director deems reasonable.

3. An unarmed combatant shall not substitute for another unarmed combatant in a contest or exhibition which is the main event of a program of unarmed combat unless:

(a) The promoter shall inform the Commission before the unarmed combatant enters the competition or exhibition; And

b) The Commission or the representative of the Commission shall approve the replacement.

Status of the UFC 303 Main Event: McGregor vs. Chandler

McGregor, 35, has not fought since breaking his leg in a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 264 in July 2021. McGregor underwent surgery to repair the damage to that limb.

During his time off, McGregor left the UFC drug testing pool. During that time, McGregor had a role in the remake of Road House. In October 2023, McGregor rejoined the drug testing pool. Since then, he has logged 15 “test sessions,” according to the UFC’s online records. There is no news of any issues with McGregor’s drug tests.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly towards the fight going as planned until videos of McGregor apparently partying at a club before UFC 303 made the rounds on social media last week.

UFC CEO Dana White dismissed these videos during the UFC 302 post-fight press conference on Saturday. “I don’t know what’s real on the Internet and not real on the Internet,” White said. ‘Conor is not a stupid boy. This is clearly a big fight for him. He calls this the best comeback in sports history.”

What no one could deny was that the UFC pulled the plug on the UFC 303 press conference 12 hours before that event was to take place in front of a packed house at the 3Arena in Dublin.

Not long after, McGregor released a statement of his own.

Since then, there has been nothing but silence from the McGregor camp and the UFC.

*I have contacted the UFC regarding their ticket refund policy if the main event of UFC 303 is canceled. The promotion did not respond before publication. The story will be updated if the UFC responds.

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