Wisconsin’s best steakhouse is located in this quiet Milwaukee Corner?

I’m not a fan of fancy food, but I know a good steak when I see one. That’s why a national shoutout about the best steakhouse in Wisconsin caught my attention when I saw it was focused on a relatively quiet corner building in Milwaukee.

I doubt there are many food sources more respected than the Food Network. That’s probably why their 50 States of Steakhouses gets so much attention. I’ll ignore the other 49 states for now and focus on Wisconsin. Which steakhouse do they think rises above the rest? Remember that song ‘It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere’?

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View

This is the 5 O’clock Steakhouse on the corner of 24th and State in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Food Network notes that they have been steak experts since 1946, which is an impressive legacy. They also mention a rumored history of gangster gambling in the 1960s? Hey, I don’t judge. The fact that they have shelves full of awards for the best steakhouse in Milwaukee should tell you something.

That appearance was also on Food Paradise years ago.

I saw in the Food Network article that it mentioned “the signature 16-ounce, center-cut filet mignon and the 21-ounce bone-in ribeye are slathered with a signature, top-secret char sauce” and I instinctively went looking for a fork, so maybe I should close for now.

Well done, 5 o’clock Steakhouse. (Steak pun intended)

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