Tennessee Titans collect the most expensive bill in the NFL

The Tennessee Titans have been burning their wallets all offseason, more so than most teams in the league.

According to Spotrac, the Titans have spent over $413 million this offseason on free agents, contract extensions and draft picks, which ranks them fifth in the NFL.

The only teams to spend more than the Titans are the Detroit Lions ($626 million), Philadelphia Eagles ($558 million), Carolina Panthers ($456 million) and New England Patriots ($423 million).

Of the Titans’ spending sprees, one of the most expensive transactions was Calvin Ridley’s $92 million contract. It was the fourth-richest contract handed out this season, behind Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​($180 million), Las Vegas Raiders defensive tackle Christian Wilkins ($110 million) and Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Robert Hunt ($100 million).

The Ridley contract was $93 million almost as much as the Dallas Cowboys’ entire spending during the offseason, which was the cheapest in the NFL.

The Titans knew they needed to make some changes this offseason and money can help with that. However, it is more than just the players and signings that need to change. Ultimately, the culture must evolve as well, and with new coach Brian Callahan at the helm, it appears that change is happening on that front.

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