PJ Washington NBA Finals points per game prediction, odds

The Dallas Mavericks will compete in the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. We’re here to share our NBA Finals odds series and make a PJ Washington points per game prediction and pick.

Washington has a chance to make an impact in this series while everyone else is focused on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. After spending the first 4.5 seasons of his career with the Charlotte Hornets, he was traded to the Mavericks. Ultimately, this is its time to shine, and Washington appears to be taking advantage.

But how will he do in his first chance under the bright lights? Will he become the player who comes out of nowhere? Or will he fold? We’ll look at how he’s done in these play-offs and examine his chances of hitting the target.

Here are the odds for the NBA Finals, courtesy of FanDuel.

NBA Finals Odds: PJ Washington Points Per Game

Top: 11.5 points (-132)

Bottom: 11.5 points (+104)

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Why PJ Washington will prevail

Washington has averaged 13.6 points per game during the NBA Playoffs. That right there should tell you what it’s about. Amazingly, he has gotten better as the playoffs have gone on.

While he didn’t have an explosive series against the Los Angeles Clippers, he did have some great moments. First, he had 18 points while shooting 5 for 10 in Game 2. Washington also added 14 points while shooting 4 for 9 in Game 5. Yes, he averaged just 13 points per game in the Western Conference Quarterfinals, but he also managed to show when it finally mattered.

Washington took its game to the next level in the Western Conference semifinals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After scoring just 10 points in Game 1, he put up 29 points in Game 2 while shooting 11 for 18.

His ability to create the perfect shot helped torpedo the Mavericks to a win to split the series before returning to Dallas. Then Washington repeated the effort in Game 3 with 27 points while shooting 11 for 23, including 5 for 12 from beyond the arc. Washington had 21 points while shooting 7 for 19, including 5 for 11 from triples in Game 4. Overall, he finished with 17.6 points per game.

But Washington wasn’t as consistent against the Wolves. Regardless, he still managed to hit his target, starting with Game 1, when he scored 13 points while shooting 4 for 10. Washington then scored 16 points in Game 3 while shooting 5 for 10. Likewise, he aided the effort in Game 5 with 12 points on 4 for 9 shooting.

While the Celtics will likely focus on Doncic and Iriving, Washington could be a threat they don’t see coming. Additionally, that focus on Doncic and Irving could open up space for Washington to get some extra chances and score some buckets.

Washington will reach the over because he has consistently improved throughout the postseason and achieved his goal every time. In addition, the extra focus on the star players may benefit him.

Why PJ Washington will hit the Under

But Washington will likely have to beat one of the best defensemen in the NBA, Jrue Holiday. Significantly, Holiday doesn’t encounter anyone who comes close to him. No one on the Clippers, Thunder or Wolves had a defenseman who compared to him, which could make things difficult.

But looking back at his performances during the playoffs, there were a few instances where he disappeared. Notably, he scored just two points in Game 5 against the Clippers while shooting a pathetic 1 for 7.

It happened again in the Western Conference semifinals, when he managed just nine points in Game 6 while going 2 for 6. Significantly, this came after he managed just 10 points in Game 5 while shooting 4 for 9.

Washington went under 11 points twice in the Western Conference Finals. First, he managed just 10 points on 4 of 11 shooting in Game 2. Washington then had 10 points in Game 4 while going 3 for 13, including 2 for 9. Because of that, there were some games where he just couldn’t get things going . .

Take a closer look at his overall game. Oddly enough, he is very similar to Derrick White in that he lives and dies by the three-point shot. With Holiday draped over him, making those shots from beyond the arc could be a challenge. This is where Washington needs to be annoying and open up. They could potentially use a package where Doncic is the bait, and it forces the Celtics to move to him to give Washington some opportunities. Still, the Celtics could pose the worst threat possible to prevent that from happening.

Washington could hit the bottom as he faces the toughest defender he has faced this season. Additionally, it can affect his ability to hit from downtown.

Latest PJ Washington points per game prediction

Washington has become a reliable third option. Plus, he’s on a very well-coached team. That means they’ll come up with some good plays for him that might help him escape Holiday. No, he’s not leaving for 30 points. But Washington could do enough to even the odds. Consider that he has averaged over 11.5 points in all three series. Subsequently, we have no problem with him doing this again, as he averages between 12 and 13 points per game.

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Final PJ Washington Points Per Game Prediction: Over: 11.5 points (-132)

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