Giraffe lifts toddler out of pickup at Texas Wildlife Center – Watch the shocking video: Celebrities: Enstarz

A recent giraffe feeding at a Texas wildlife center took a terrifying turn when one of the giraffes lifted a toddler off the back of a pickup truck she was sitting in.

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Jason Toten, the girl’s father, shared a video with ‘NBC News’ showing his daughter, wearing a pink shirt with pigtails, feeding the giraffe from the truck during their tour. In the video, the giraffe nudges the girl and comes closer as she retreats further into the truck bed. The animal then appears to grab the girl and lift her up. A woman’s scream can be heard in the background.

Warren Lewis, chief marketing officer at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Roses, said the center was informed on Monday of an “incident involving one of our giraffes” that occurred last weekend.

Lewis said such an incident had never occurred before at Fossil Rim, but assured that the center is “taking immediate action to ensure it does not happen again.”

This includes the implementation of a new policy that prohibits visitors from riding in the back of trucks while touring the park.

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Toten said he and his family are “saddened” by the new rule banning riding in the back of trucks, but they still plan to return to the park. He praised it as a “great place to go”, especially for children who love animals.

“It was an accident and that was not the giraffe’s intention. It was just one of the things that happened,” Toten said. “We’re not mad at the giraffe. We’re not mad at the park.”

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