DOH publishes paving plans

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Division of Highways has identified which roads will be paved under a $150 million dollar supplemental appropriation recently approved by the Legislature. The money was earmarked for secondary road renewal by Governor Jim Justice when he signed the bill during a ceremony in Tamarack.

The money will be added to a $190 million federal appropriation for qualified road construction in West Virginia. The additional funding will cover paving on roads that are not eligible for federal dollars. Joe Pack, chief engineer for the Highways Division, said without the additional funding, many of those secondary routes would not have been paved for years.

“These projects will also reduce future maintenance costs in repairing these roads,” Pack said. “This will allow WVDOH maintenance forces to focus on other maintenance issues in the state.”

The list includes 499 paving projects and 973 miles of secondary roads not covered by federal highway money. The roads to be paved are located in all DOH districts of the state.

According to the Division of Highways, excess budget appropriations have paved 2,412 miles of roads since 2020, in addition to those paved with federal highway funds.

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