Don Samuels responds to Minnesota Reformer article about self-dealing, missing funds and lack of transparency by his opponent, Rep. Ilhan Omar and her husband, Tim Mynett



June 6, 2024

/PRNewswire/ — Today,

Don Samuels

a candidate for Congress


Fifth Congressional District held a press conference to address this

Reformer from Minnesota

political reporter

Max Nesterak’s


published yesterday about his opponent, Rep.

Ilhan Omar

who previously paid her husband

Tim Mynett

$3 million

of campaign money and the way her time in office has given his companies access and credibility, as she feels more than

$1 million

of money from

South Dakota

investors left workers unpaid and had their money frozen by the Office of Foreign Assets Control – the unit of the US Treasury charged with enforcing sanctions.

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Samuels said, “Unfortunately, this story is just the latest scandal in a series of new stories about Rep. Omar, diminishing the focus on her and further moving us away from the kind of progress our district and our country need on issues that impact lives. of our neighbors, Representative Omar has used her three terms in Congress – what many would consider the opportunity and honor of a lifetime – to divide our community and enrich herself in the process.

Nesterak’s article describes a series of companies run by Omar’s husband,

Tim Mynett

and his business partner,

Will Hailer

, who have benefited from funds controlled or accessed by Omar. During the 2020 campaign cycle, Omar nearly paid for her husband’s political consulting

$3 million

, with which she enriched her own household. Mynett and Hailer then started one


eStCru winery, after receiving grapes in lieu of money for marketing work. The winery is currently embroiled in a strange breach of contract lawsuit, involving an investment of


on A’s promise


refund just 18 months later.

The first of two venture capital firms founded by Mynett and Hailer, eSt Ventures, was sued

South Dakota

hemp investors after the company failed to return

$1 million dollars

to investors after a failed promise to raise additional money for hemp-related businesses in that state. After weeks of months of apologies, Hailer told investors that his money was in the hands of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the unit of the U.S. Treasury charged with enforcing sanctions. Hailer declined to comment on the circumstances of that ruling and whether the case had been resolved

Reformer of Minnesota


Mynett and Hailer’s second venture capital firm, Rose Lake Capital, looks to do business internationally, including the purchase and sale of distressed assets in foreign locations, with an emphasis on opportunities abroad.



Omar has so far declined to comment on the story.

“The Fifth Congressional District and our country face significant challenges. We deserve elected officials who focus on bringing people together and addressing issues like public safety, global climate change and the security of our democracy – and in this case we deserve honesty, transparency and answers,” said Samuels.

Today, former Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels held a press conference in Minneapolis to address the recent allegations of financial misconduct published in the Minnesota Reformer about his opponent, Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Samuels will face Omar in a hotly contested and nationally watched rematch in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District.  In 2022, Samuels came within 2.1% points of defeating the controversial incumbent in the Democratic primary, losing just 2,466 votes.

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