Golfing for the kids at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss their mutual love of relevant summer baseball and annual putting for the kids at the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital on Monday at Hillendale Country Club in the big golf fundraiser.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W n s t, Towson Baltimore, Baltimore positive or positively taking the Maryland crab cake tour out on the road. We’re going basically everywhere this month we’re starting to fade these on Friday Luke will be with us. We will have scratch offs in the Maryland lottery first the PAC man’s I think we’re gonna be lucky sevens up before the month is over as well. We will be a Cooper’s in Timonium and Mays chapel on Tuesday promoting Fleet Week then we’ll be a Cooper’s in fleet we down at the Fells Point later on in the month. We’re going to be state fair next Thursday in Catonsville for a little breakfast brunch. The Orioles play the Blue Jays at one o’clock. Got to kind of hang out there before the game. Hope Geddy Lee shows up on television at some time before first pitch. That is next Thursday later in the month we’ll be at Pappus in Parkville we’re going to be a cocoas and laurelville the second week of June and we’re also going to be a cost this before the Orioles game on the 20 euros play at Yankee Stadium. So we’re gonna do a little pregame there and this guy and I have somewhere around here I have his crab Mel I do have his crab mela right here. Let Rasca Georgia somewhere in the shirt. I did not use this crab mallet at cost. It’s the last time we were there. Cracking crabs but it’s been a little while since you and I bought crab crabs and broke bread. Absolutely. You were graduating kids you were spending beach time in Delaware you were doing work I was Las Vegas seeing and then I went to Pearl Jam in LA and then I went to New York to see the stones. And now I’m just back work work work work work work work and trying to make the money that a folk folks like you invest in the American dream at Rascon global but how was your summer what’s going on? What what’s what’s tickling? These days? Starting

Leonard Raskin  01:35

off Good Start Strong. We’re getting ready for a little golf coming up. Next week a little charity venture with Mt. Washington pediatric hospital do a little golf on Monday. I have that in my calendar day. Yeah. That is the third of June Correct. That is the third of June we’ll be at Hillandale. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:55

have you in from like lunchtime. Like I have you like 1030 to 1230 because you know me, I’ll come out and I’ll hang out. Yeah, I’ll get a couple. I’ve seen your golden Potter already. But you’re putting like your Yes, you do. Well, I

Leonard Raskin  02:08

don’t play golf. It’s too competitive. I know if I go out and try to play golf. You’d have to take lessons I’m gonna have to play all the time. I’m gonna get frustrated. So years ago, I decided it wasn’t something that I was going to take up as a hobby or any of that stuff. But I do have an amazing putter. And I’m pretty good. I put that’s what I do. So when I go to a charity tournament like this, we raised a bunch of money for the hospital or whatever the cause is a jump in a cart. I ride around. And when you get to the green, I’m there to help you putt for Joe. And so I jumped out

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:45

your pot. I mean, I mean, you could brag on you one word, but you you know, like decently you’ve obviously played a lot of pot. You’ve taken the kid down to Delaware and you played every course up the coast. That’s

Leonard Raskin  02:56

right, we play we play all the miniature golf courses. I’m deadly on the windmill clown’s mouth, pirate ship, whatever it is to get a free game. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs indoor and Ocean City. Absolutely. So I just take out the putter. I ride around. I meet the foursomes that are playing golf and I put and I have a great day

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:17

I go with you for the first scoff I got stuff I got to do. It’s Monday I gotta get out. You know I love coming out. Paul was out there. Everybody from the hospital. Tell people about the Mount Washington pediatric hospital what they know about that.

Leonard Raskin  03:31

It’s a great hospital here in Baltimore. They do great work for kids in our area and around. And I don’t know the exact number. Paula, somebody could get us the number but I think it’s over 50% Sadly, over 50% of the kids that need care, that end up at Mount Washington can’t afford the care, don’t have insurance don’t have the ability to pay. And they do great work. They take care of these kids to rehabilitation. They they do amazing work for these kids and it’s funded by medicaid, medicare charity, and we make sure that they have the money they need to do the things they need to do. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:12

we’ll be doing that on Monday. If you need more information on Mt. Washington pediatric hospital, hit me Leonard’s out on the front of Baltimore positive as well. If there is a chance to get into the tour, and I go every year and it’s such a popular tournament that the same people buy that you know they bought a sold out here and they sold out it the weather’s usually great. You moved it a little bit into June to get better weather site this year to it to the new

Leonard Raskin  04:36

Dale Hillendale in Phoenix. So it’ll be an interesting I’ve never been on the course. Be interesting to see how that plays. I’m looking forward to it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:46

I hear a dog barking Yeah, good. No, no. My wife and I were in New York the other day and New York’s like about great food about walking in culture, all that pretty girls but most beautiful women in the world in New York, everybody’s dressed in I but but dogs just like this great dog culture in New York that every you can’t turn a corner without it and pick dogs like your dad’s amazed my wife’s the St. Bernard’s walking around eighth and you know, and the Bowery, you know what I mean. And what’s

Leonard Raskin  05:14

really wild these days, you know, never you’d you’d I growing up, this was never the case. But now, every dog is a service dog. Right? Well, you see that too, right? Sure. But But you go to a restaurant, and you see a dog sitting on the floor next to the table with the people, hopefully what? Dog right well, here’s open, you know, but But you see dogs all over the place just sitting there hanging out with their humans. This

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:40

is my thing with my wife. We walk the streets in New York and we’re just I’m a different dude in New York. Nobody knows me. I walk through I walk in my own pace and I see that I buy and I see I just ate a pastry this morning Leonard that I that I’ve been eyeing up in New York the last two teachers bought it because you got it pistachio chocolate croissant. We finally bought one we have we bought three. I brought one home. I’m eating it. But we’re walking through New York and we just walk in what we we did 38,000 steps on Sunday, another 80,000 on Monday and rain. So like we just and I had no idea how easy it is to get to MetLife Stadium from Manhattan. Now I intuitively it’s the biggest city in the world. There’s got to be a way to do it for eight bucks and there is you go to port authority you get on a bus, there’s a special lane. It’s you feel VIP, you get to the Meadowlands in like 12 minutes from Manhattan for eight bucks. And I’m like, I would have been going to see Bruce all that like if I’d known right New York. We walk around the corner and my wife pets every dog. Every dog is used to people and the dogs grounds kind of gross and little it wasn’t real clean on Monday because the cleanup crew had been there since Thursday and holiday weekend. Dogs have little little shoes little shoes right little foot ease because

Leonard Raskin  06:57

the dogs tough to walk out there. Yeah, well

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:59

you know, but every kind of dog imaginable and my wife greets every single one of them. Pets every single one. It’s her joy of being in New York. I like to eat look a girl she likes to pet dogs. But Raskin is here he is resting global. He is more than the man on the shirt in the in the crab mallet. The American Dream and money and all that. What do you make of the Orioles? In all of this? I mean, have you been following and staying up with it? Because I mean, I went from Vegas to LA LA home to New York. I was in New York walking around. I was literally you’ll love this because you’re a hockey guy. I was in the epicenter of rangers fandom at a brochure out right? I was in a Rangers bar at four o’clock on Sunday afternoon before the stones. It was third period. Rangers Panthers game for three. I was in the bar when they gave up the tying goal. Yeah, dude, like hockey and so I took during the no hitter, monitoring the Bradish no hitter seven innings

Leonard Raskin  08:09

seven innings and pull them pull them. I you know

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:13

there’s a different thing though. I think for you and me and guys that are old farts like us. We’ve had phones we can monitor all this and I I found my old pictures of my sports page or on my hip 30 years ago as well. When the Orioles are playing every day, whether you’re into it out of it, what you’re you realize Burgess pitching tonight who they play in whatever they’re doing. The heartbeat of sports has taken on a different tone for me after the Preakness with a relevant baseball team that I know is right.

Leonard Raskin  08:43

It’s great. It’s great to watch. It’s fun. They’re exciting. They’re they’re never out of a game score irrelevant. They they’re in it. And you know it’s a new baseball. It’s a new kind of baseball. I was watching the Bradish no hitter. seven innings. No hit baseball. They take them out. And I think to myself, I think Palmer would have beat Weaver senseless if if he had been through seven,

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:11

Jack, Sparky.

Leonard Raskin  09:14

Take the ball. You remember was it the Super Bowl right? It was the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce came up on ad read. And the world was crazy because he gave him a little bush. And because he didn’t like whatever was happening on the field. So you can only imagine what pitchers would have done to managers. seventh inning, no hitter taken him out of the game, but these days. It’s just normal baseball. Like who cares? I think it’s disgusting. I get it. You know, he’s got an arm. You got to protect his arm, blah, blah, blah. Nonsense. Dudes throwing a no hitter put him out there. They’re winning. They’re winning big who cares? And then what happens? Bring in the reliever. Everybody knows what coming right down the middle bam there goes a no hitter there goes the shutout

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:06

it is less than fulfilling in that way from a fan standpoint dread it is dreadful. I mean you should be disappointed as if

Leonard Raskin  10:15

it was the only hit. It was the only hit. Gotta give them credit. They gave up one hit. It was a home run. They lost the shutout so okay, they scored a run fan

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:26

and you hold on a second now right? No hitter you hold on the asset manager and you if you own the asset assets arm almost at Tommy John surgery weeks ago to begin with and gotta protect him and he’s adopted out there and you need to have him negotiation. Take

Leonard Raskin  10:44

him out. Okay, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:46

what are you doing?

Leonard Raskin  10:47

I get it. I just hate it. I get it. I hate it. Look, we put two pitchers on the island a week. That’s not good stuff. Two starters, good starters in a week. And that’s what

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:00

happened about 30 seconds after they had the press conference when we went through a six month rotation. Right. Right.

Leonard Raskin  11:04

six to three. Oh, in two minutes. We’re for what happened? Well, crazy. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:11

know, the the issue for me is with with their pitching is it and you learn this, and it’s been so long since we’ve been any good. And back to show Walter hiding guys at the quality and in Norfolk and shuttling guys in. So we had enough bullpen arms on the West Coast hiding guys out in Fresno or wherever. I mean, Buck did all sorts of crazy things, aside from players that have tried to win, right. And this shuttle we have the era coming in this week. And Aiken has been no good. And we’ve already been down on Kimbrel after the 13 million and he’s not like an everyday closer, right. There’s no doubt about this, that the sensibilities of their baseball management, their asset management team, from your perspective of saying we’re not having brightest, his arm fall off. We’ve already had enough problems in the bullpen. And they’re gonna have to make deals and that’s what’s made this much more of a Rubik’s cube for me to say, Yeah, they’re really good. They’re really young. Yeah, they got it. But they’re their pitch. He’s not good enough. They have these outfield problems with these veteran players. They have an asset management issue to say Cedric Mullins stocks down right urea stocks down. Austin haste was all star stocks down. And their cost is gonna go up. And what do we do with curse data? Every day Ste hours is up now. Not not.


Is it right?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:34

So every day, Jeff, this is a great soap opera. We’re in the middle of April. Yes. Look,

Leonard Raskin  12:39

it’s a good problem to have. They got they got great players. They got lots of talent in the minors for the first time in a long time. They’re deep, and they’re deep enough that there’s somebody knocking on the door all the time to get in. And you can’t ask for better than that. There’s guys knocking and general manager’s job manager’s job is to figure it out. They got to figure out who to play on what night and who to bring in off the bench and and who to pitch, how long they’re going to pitch and what this bullpen is going to look like. And who’s our closer Do we go get another closer? Do we put our closer in the eighth? I think he’s like every closer right? He’s He’s a head case everybody expects the closer to close every night. No matter what never fail? Well, they fail. You know, he blew to two saves. Okay? So he came in and the seventh guys little confidence back pitched a couple nights and tents and won some games. He’s been really good since he blew those two saves. You just need a little rest maybe. So okay, you got to figure out how to use that asset. You know, what’s first, what second. It’s like, we tell clients in retirement. You know, you got a lot of money spread out a lot of places. You got investment accounts, you got retirement accounts, you have insurance policies, you have your real estate, everything plays a role when it comes time to retire what asset to use first, second, third. And here we are Brandon heights got to figure out who to run out there every night who to make play, who to make sit and who’s good off the bench. You figure that out. You win. And right now let’s face it in the division, the Yankees just a raw talent

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:27

that had assets in the past to improve themselves. Yeah, at this time of year the Orioles are the team right now that have the assets that can outbid anyone for any pitcher that would if they want to and make a difference if they want to. And if they need to. They need to do something I don’t know where that they could look there’s only got three outfielders every night and as much as brand nights and while I got 13 Guys I want to play Can we play nine or 10 of them? That’s right shooting even and when you bring curse that up and you don’t find plays from you send them back your brain powers up better glove Couser now is the centerfielder Mullins is lost in this and he has become a fourth outfielder. So we’ve seen this very, very fast transition. And part of this is Westberg has been real Couser has been real. Ryan O’Hearn has screwed up all of their plans in so many ways. I mean, rhino horns block cursed at ants towers and Jackson holiday to San Mateo is played well.

Leonard Raskin  15:29

Absolutely. So So you got to put them in and and they got to let some cook in the minors a little longer. Yeah, let that crockpot bake and slow them down there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:40

They sent him down there with specific changing principles. 20 year old hitter and the fact that he’s struggling a little bit down there. They’re asking him to do things differently. That’s because what he’s doing wasn’t working from a bat speed perspective from from wrist all of that they they want him to do something differently. And that’s what they’re training him to do in Norfolk, so and so he’s got to do it. He’s got to prove listen, I asked Luke this week. I said they’re gonna make the playoffs. Right. Okay, we’re gonna sure who sure is Jackson Holliday going to be their second baseman in October. And right now? Yes, still,

Leonard Raskin  16:19

my money says it’s too soon to tell. I would. I would 5050 I don’t, I don’t think it’s certain. I think they cave to some pressure. I don’t know who the pressure came from family, agent, whatever, to get him up here. And I think on the one hand, if I was devious, conniving conspiracy theorist kind of guy. I’d say they brought him up and knew he was gonna fail. And it proved a point to the world that was screaming and complaining that he’s a major leaguer that he’s not quite ready yet. It was 19 my god, the man goes on the road can’t even have a drink. Well, can’t buy a drink. I don’t know if he can have a drink.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:00

We all had a drink. I think right? Is Raskin global. He does the American dream, when he’s not, jibber jabbering with us? Um, what what’s been on your mind with, with clients and people asking questions? What do you hear on the money side of things that you could share with folks you’re doing? Sure, sure. Sure. Well, I

Leonard Raskin  17:18

think, I think two big things that I would say are up one. The elections got everybody kind of concerned. It’s, it’s out there, it’s in the ether, I’ll get you the date, we’ve got a great presentation, a great evening webinar that we can invite people to in September, we’re going to hold off till September get closer to the election. But I’ll give away the secret ending right now. It doesn’t matter, as Joe Biden would say, doesn’t matter. History shows that whoever’s in the White House, whoever’s in the house, whoever’s in the Senate, your money makes money. If you’re a prudent investor, and you understand how to diversify, how to rebalance and how to stay invested throughout, you make money no matter who’s in the White House, no matter who’s in the house, no matter who’s in the Senate. The election does not cause trauma in the market, but people are scared. I get people every election. It’s an uncertainty point. People love certainty, right? They do, right? They do. But I get people every election that say to me, I want out so and so is going to win, I want out the other so is gonna win. And it’s people on the other side of each saying, Get me out because my guy, my Gao isn’t going to win. And the other guy or gal is going to win. It’s going to be horrible. The world’s going to end democracy as we know it, war, World War, everybody that’s on the other side is going to cause the end of the world. Not so the financial investing world is fine. So know that, know that you shouldn’t be making rash changes around your portfolio around an election. It just doesn’t make sense. If you’re invested, well, you’re invested. Well, if you need a projection, if somebody needs to be telling you, hey, this is who’s gonna win, this is what it’s going to mean. To invest your money. You got a bad advisor. Nobody can predict the future that crystal ball is cloudy, dirty. And don’t listen, because it’s fake news. It’s bad, bad information. It doesn’t matter in the long run doesn’t matter. The second thing I would say that’s really important. We’ve seen it over and over and over again. Sadly, we get referred to people all the time that we meet after somebody died, a spouse, a parent, a sibling, whatever. And they come to us to handle the state the distribution of the estate. And Nesta I’ll tell you this, people’s beneficiary designations. That is the simplest thing you You can do if you have an IRA, a Roth IRA, a 401. K, life insurance?

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:05

No, we’re getting it. If you get T boned at the red light, it’s macabre. But get where

Leonard Raskin  20:10

you want, get it to who you want, when you have to how you want and time and time and time again, the beneficiary designations are not in order. People leave them to the estate of people leave them to minor children, people leave them to ex spouses peep, we had a case where a guy had a beneficiary designation, nobody knew who this one person was, or the beneficiary designation we were referred to. It was some like high school girlfriend. Oh, wow. For a part of the money, or a part of the money, nobody knew. And nobody can ask him because he’s dead. You just, it’s the easiest thing. Wherever your IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, life insurances, get a beneficiary form, look at it, update to what you want. Now, don’t think that the company has it on file correctly, check it, update it, make it current, make it right. Here’s the other thing that happens. All too often, you have a 401 K at work. This is not a big deal. It’s held through your company at fidelity. They hold a lot of 401k money. Lo and behold, somebody got to your employer, they switched the plan to Vanguard, or they switched the plan to principal, or they switched the plan to empower and they take over. And Nestor i I’ll tell you this third, half the time the beneficiary designations on your account don’t follow. Wow. So you had it with company A, you had it right? Company B takes over? One of the things they send out when they take over is please go online, update your beneficiary on file. People don’t do it. It doesn’t transfer. And you thought it was your wife. And it’s not you thought it was your kids. And it’s not you thought whatever it was, it isn’t. And it’s the easiest thing to get right. And I can tell you over and over. And sadly, we’ve had court cases we’ve had to deal with expert witness testimony, dealing with the plan and the plans beneficiary. Because people don’t do what’s required, which is a simple form, which takes five minutes to fill out at their custodian. I implore people to check, check, check who your beneficiary is it’s the again the easiest thing you can do. And we’ve seen too many of them just this year, we’ve had too many cases where we’ve been referred and things weren’t right. And it’s a tragedy because who you think’s getting, it isn’t getting it, who thought they were getting it isn’t getting it. And it’s a bad day, you lost somebody that matters in your life, and then you find out you were supposed to be the beneficiary you’re not or somebody’s getting money you can’t imagine. And these things take take on too many times a life of their own. So find your beneficiary form, get it filled out, get it right and know that whoever’s in the White House, your money doesn’t care. The market doesn’t care. Capitalism reigns, companies make money people receive profit from those companies. And those companies don’t care who’s in the office. That’s the two big takeaways letter asking

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:41

with words of wisdom you know, that beneficiary thing I think I’ve known you I’ve known you a long time I think we may have discussed at one time on the air but sort of that that’s a universal thing that sort of applies to everybody in the every buddy every literally everywhere so let rascal a great advice like that he does that for me my family and following our American dream which took me to New York to see the stones there they Hey, I’m telling you don’t be intimidated by show of MetLife I mean stay in the city it’s a it was dreamy. It was it was better than most cities I go to to go to a show to be really honest with you. It was New York then added do things their major town Ranger town. Well, you know, Kenny Albert, when the documentary came out about a month ago, I play Kenny on because Kenny was Kenny’s a key key figure in my life and my career always won’t be right. I mean, yeah, sure. Sure. Magic point in my life. And, and Kenny will come on anytime I asked him and he’s the busiest man in the world. And all that. And he I hit him at the beginning of the playoffs and he’s like, hit me next week. You know, and I didn’t hit him because the rangers have lost

Leonard Raskin  24:48

the Florida Panthers. You Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:49

I’m rather added on after a Stanley Cup. You know, maybe later in June, so All right, but I will get Kenny on and I did think of him often when I’m in that bar and I’m wearing Ranger blue. Is my robe global shirt here? Dude it was and Ranger fans I don’t they’re young people and they were pretty girls and they were drinking beer everybody’s having fun I’m in Manhattan I’m like man arranger sort of own

Leonard Raskin  25:12

New York they got it right now there it let’s face it no Knicks Yankees aren’t relevant yet yet I mean that’s the think it’s too soon met stink so let’s let’s raid your up

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:24

to win all the Philadelphia teams think that’s when I love that’s when life’s really good too but it doesn’t happen often enough. He is letter Raskin he does the Americans you find him at Rascon global we also have a brand new website. Oh, everything’s new, add a Baltimore positive Big Thanks Jessica vallas. I’m gonna get on the show soon. And Hartford designs as well as my team web connection and Mike Rosenfeld, we launched a new website on Memorial Day weekend, all new pictures, all new graphics, all new cool stuff. Make sure you’re checking that out as well. I am so we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore, Maryland crabcake to our backyard getting our Jones going all through June. While we watch baseball each and every day. We’re Baltimore Stay with us.

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