Outer Range season 3 gets hopeful update from Josh Brolin

Recent comments from Out of range star Josh Brolin has got fans excited about a possible season 3 of the series.

After more than two years, the Amazon Prime Video neo-western returned to the platform in mid-May with its long-awaited second season.

Centered on a Wyoming rancher who discovers a time-traveling physics-defying hole in the outer reaches of his land. Out of range has built a passionate community of fans who love the mix of Interstellar-esque sci-fi and vast ‘American heartland’ Yellowstone-like stories.

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Josh Brolin wants Outer Range season 3

Outer Range season 2 ending scene
Out of range

After the release of Out of range Season 2 series lead Josh Brolin, who plays central Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott, offered fans hope that there could be a third season of the series, given his enthusiasm about a possible return.

In a conversation with Jonatan Blomberg on YouTube, the Out of range protagonist stated that the series has done that “became more intriguing the further they went with it”, raises the idea of ​​returning for season 3 “astonishing:”

“I think it would be intriguing, which I can’t believe because I don’t want to stay on anything too long, but this series, just as an idea and as an experience, has become more intriguing as we’ve gone along with it, so I think season 3 would be great.”

This lines up with other comments from Brolin, who has shared his excitement about a possible return for more of the Amazon Prime Video series in several interviews during the Out of range Season 2 promotional cycle.

He told Variety that there will be a season 3 “not something (he) necessarily looks forward to in most cases”, But Out of range is a special exception and “has his hook in (the actor):”

“The idea of ​​a season 3 is very intriguing and in most cases not something I’m necessarily looking forward to. If I want to carry a character that far for so long, even the idea of ​​doing a play for two years just sounds awful. I want to get started there, work for 12 weeks, have an impact on you, hope it’s good and leave. I think that’s much more my mentality, and that’s why I got out of TV in the first place. This is different. This has an impact on me. I don’t know exactly why.

The actor teased a third season and said it has a few “bizarre ideas” he can’t wait to see on screen (via Esquire):

“That’s not fun. We don’t know about Season 3. Charles and I talked about it. I’m really surprised, because initially I thought: one season and we’re good. We’re going to take a big step, and if it works, it works .If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t. I’m really into it now. I think this season is better, more powerful, more dynamic, and it’s smarter, especially from me, Charles keeps it practical. But I’m thinking, ‘What if we see him with a shaved head and beard?’

Brolin liked it “there was no transition between season 1 and season 2” but don’t think it will be the same between seasons 2 and 3:

“That would be sick. That’s what I’m saying. I’m thinking, ‘What would that story be? Why?’ Then we came up with ideas. I liked that there was no transition between season 1 and season 2. It literally started where we left off, which I really liked. But I don’t know if that will be the case I don’t want to play it safe, I know that.”

Will there be an Outer Range Season 3 release?

Despite Josh Brolin’s apparent passion for Out of range Season 3, Amazon Prime Video has not announced a plan to pick up the series after season 2.

It took more than two years for Neo-Western to return to the streamer for its second season, so the lack of news about a third season shouldn’t be too concerning for fans.

Season 2 ended with a few major storylines hanging in the balance, including the reveal of what appears to be a multiverse with multiple realities colliding on screen (read more about Out of range The multiversal season 2 ends here).

The door is open with plenty of story fodder to nibble on should Prime Video greenlight season 3.

And one of the biggest hurdles to a possible third season has already been cleared.

The main priority when exploring Season 3 would be getting the biggest star (Josh Brolin) on board. Sometimes these types of top talents need some convincing to return in multiple seasons of a TV series.

However, that does not seem to be the case Out of rangeas Brolin has made clear, he is done and ready to return.

Considering the series was a streaming success for Prime Video, debuting at No. 1 on the platform’s global streaming charts, its ratings appear to be at a level that would warrant a greenlight for Season 3.

Out of range Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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