NFL Insider surprised by Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald’s decision

Mike Macdonald was a top coaching target for several teams this season, but ultimately the Seattle Seahawks were the lucky team to secure his services.

Other teams interested in Macdonald included the Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers and Washington Commanders. For NFL insider Adam Schefter, the fact that Macdonald chose to go to Seattle over all those teams came as a bit of a shock.

“Honestly, I was a little surprised — and we talked about it a little bit — that he ended up taking the Seattle job,” Schefter said on Seattle Sports’ ‘Wyman and Bob.’ “… They didn’t really have any ties to this particular area, but they still felt compelled to go out and choose the Seahawks.”

Since Schefter brought up personal ties, one wonders what ties Macdonald had to other teams. Those personal ties are not with him, but with his wife Stephanie Macdonald.

Not only is Stephanie from the DC area (according to Schefter), but she previously worked as a cheerleader for the Commanders franchise. There’s also the fact that Washington is as close as you can get to Baltimore, and Macdonald himself is an East Coast guy from Boston.

Despite those personal ties to the nation’s capital, Seattle offered the best opportunities from a purely football perspective. The Seahawks had the best record of any team with an offseason coaching vacancy, and the leadership of the team was particularly attractive to Macdonald.

“We talked about that a little bit and the reason he did that was because he believed strongly in the general manager, John Schneider,” Schefter said. “It’s kind of amazing that someone could disrupt his life, his family’s life, largely because of his conviction for the general manager, but that’s how strongly he felt about John Schneider and the work he did there in Seattle. … Mike really believes in him and now we’ll see those two guys go to work and try to make this team better.”

Macdonald, who turns 37 later this month, is the youngest coach in the NFL today. Considering he was the brains behind the NFL’s best defense last season, it’s safe to say the Seahawks have enough confidence in him to get the job done.

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