Grocer with 83 stores in Wisconsin suddenly has real estate for sale

I should actually pay more attention. That’s advice I often get and that I really have to take to heart. I hadn’t noticed before that one of the most popular grocery chains in Wisconsin, which is now opening new stores frequently, is selling real estate and I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on.

It’s hard to visit a small town in Wisconsin without seeing an Aldi store. Their company site states that the current number is 83 stores in Wisconsin. What I hadn’t noticed before is that Aldi now has a property for sale in Wisconsin. This is the address listed on the “available properties” page:

1910 N. Shawano St.
New London, WI

2.9 hectares
Land for sale

This is the Google Street View of that address which is a few years old.

Google Maps Street View

Google Maps Street View

Here’s the context as to why this land in Wisconsin is for sale through the Aldi site:

Are not the Aldi store in this Wisconsin town, but the adjacent country. That makes perfect sense.

I’m more used to Aldi announcing another grand opening as they reportedly have plans for as many as 800 new stores in the coming years. I was just surprised that they sold a property. Like I said, I really need to pay more attention from now on.

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