ICC clears air on pitch in New York ahead of India-Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024 match: ‘Working hard to remedy…’

ICC has admitted there are problems with the pitch at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, but says they are working on a way to remedy the situation and provide the best possible surface for the remaining matches.

Questions were raised about the slow nature of the pitch in New York after a low-scoring match between South Africa and Sri Lanka on June 3, followed by the India-Ireland match on June 5. In particular, during the June 5 match, Ireland managed to score just 96 runs before being bowled out.

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The New York stadium will also host two other matches in India, including a clash with arch-rivals Pakistan on June 9 and the US on June 12. The curators in New York use the drop-in method of field preparation, which means the field is prepared off-site and then installed on-site before the match.

While the ICC acknowledged the issues with the pitch in New York, it said in a statement: “T20 Inc and the ICC recognize that the pitches used to date at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium have not played as consistently as we would all have liked .” ICC reported this in a statement.

“The world-class grounds team has been working hard since the conclusion of yesterday’s match to remedy the situation and deliver the best possible surface for the remaining matches,” the top cricket organization noted.

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India will take on arch-rival Pakistan on June 9:

The Men in Blue will take on old rivals Pakistan at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on June 9. The Rohit Sharma-led side will certainly have the upper hand in the encounter after convincingly beating Ireland in their first match, while Pakistan will be on the back foot after their defeat against the US.

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