Conor McGregor’s new training video reignites fans’ hopes for UFC 303 fight against Michael Chandler

Will Conor McGregor return to the Octagon for UFC 303 or has Michael Chandler just wasted two straight years chasing a money fight that will never happen? Although the cancellation of the press conference in Dublin has fueled doubts, a new training video from Conor has given me hope after days of uncertainty.

‘The Notorious’ posted a series of videos of himself sparring in both the octagon and the boxing ring. At this time there is no confirmation as to when these videos were taken. For all we know, they could all have been taken before his previous fights.

That said, the post raised hopes among fans who took to the comments section to celebrate the fight being back on.

Here are some of the best reactions to McGregor’s post.

One fan said: “Bro is just playing mind games with Chandler.” referring to the recent events that have taken place, joking about how the uncertainty surrounding the fight and its consequences are for the American fighter.

Added another fan, “Chandler does as he’s told.” Well damn it! That was just mean. That’s true, but mean!

“He’s a genius, he knows how to sell a fight, he’s going to take a W”– one fan responded with absolute confidence in McGregor.

“I’m not going to lie, he looks crissppppp in this.”– noted one impressed fan.

Another fan asked an extremely important question: “mate, are you fighting or not.” Sorry, buddy, he won’t tell you.

Despite McGregor’s recent social media post, there are still many rumors that the fight may be called off.

What’s the latest on Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler at UFC 303?

Since the cancellation of the press conference, fans are convinced that the fight will not go ahead as planned. To make matters worse, Ariel Helwani stated that the UFC was sending out feelers to fighters who could potentially intervene.

However, in recent days, things have changed for the better.

T-Mobile’s Twitter account also posted a photo of the poster with the caption confirming the event. At this point, UFC fans can only hope and pray that the event goes ahead as planned.

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