Jalen Hurts tips his hat to Randall Cunningham as daughter Vashti prepares hard for the 2024 Olympics

In recent years, Jalen Hurts has taken the Eagles to the Super Bowl and Philly is confident he will do it again. But before Jalen Hurts, Eagles fans pinned their hopes on Randall Cunningham. In his prime, Randal was one of the best QBs of his generation. He brought a lot of success to Philly and has served as an inspiration to Eagles players. And now his family of athletes is doing the same.

Randall isn’t the only athlete in his family. His daughter Vashti Cunningham is making her own mark in the sports world. The youngster is gearing up for the 2024 Olympics and will represent the US in the long jump competition. As she prepares to represent her country internationally, Hurts has a message for her and her father. During a press conference, the current Eagles QB spoke with gratitude and respect about Randall and his daughter.

He tipped his hat to the legend and said:

‘You know as much as I admire him, that he can look to me as an example his daughter, you know that means a lot. And I mean, he has a family full of athletes that you know start with him, so it’s a great family, a great man and I congratulate her.”

And the respect between the two is mutual. Previously, Randall has also expressed his admiration for Hurts. He has talked about how Hurts emulates qualities he never had.

The Philly legend believes Hurts has a certain calm about him that he could never match as a player. Plus, Randall truly believes the Eagles are always in the running as long as Hurts is at the helm.

In fact, this calmness is what Randall wanted Vashti to take from Hurts. And it will be important to her if she wants to get the records she is looking for.

Vashti Cunningham and her Olympic goal

While she hopes to emulate Hurts’ composure, Vashti will be aiming for much more. The 26-year-old high jumper currently has her sights set on the women’s world record of 2.09 meters. She hopes to break the record that has stood since 1987.

According to Redbull, Vasthi first hit the international athletics scene in 2015 with her efforts at the Pan American Junior Championships. Since then, under the guidance of Randall, she has created a buzz on the international stage.

Besides high jumping, she has a great passion for fashion, photography and modeling, all of which she pursues. With a coach like Randall and an inspiration like Hurts, Vashti has the pedigree of champions. It remains to be seen whether she can break the world record and take home the gold.

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