The risk of storms continues into the weekend

What will the weather be like this weekend?

There is another chance of rain and thunder from the northwest on Friday. A few showers are possible next weekend. We expect a warm Saturday with some showers. A strong cold front arrives Saturday night and will cool us down nicely for several days, with lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s for the day.


As we typically see, the main current is rising north as we move into June. This is the main storm path, so Oklahoma’s organized heavy season will come to an end.

We can and will still be strong against severe storms, but the risk of tornadoes is much reduced.

Next week the large high-pressure ridge known as the “heat dome” will appear. This puts us in the northwest flow of the jet stream, which sometimes means complex storms moving in from the High Plains.

These storms can be wind and hail producers. We shall see. Eventually, the heat dome usually moves directly overhead, we shut off the rain and see our temperature rise. This usually happens in July.

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