350,000 NC drivers affected by the DMV issue could receive new licenses this month

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Thousands of North Carolina residents waiting for their driver’s licenses could get their new cards by the end of the month.

The backlog affected about 350,000 drivers across the state, and during a contentious hearing, NC lawmakers had some direct questions for DMV Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on how a seemingly small problem has affected so many people.

During the hearing, members of the state Oversight and Reform Committee highlighted the challenges the DMV is facing related to the major delays, which Goodwin said were related to an outage in February.

Lawmakers said the “glitch” involved about 2,100 drivers over three days in February, and that the backlog it caused “boggles (their) minds.”

“It allowed people to renew who shouldn’t have renewed because they weren’t allowed to have a photo that was over 16 years old,” Goodwin said.

The NC DMV has issued a warning IDEMIA, the company that manufactures the licenses, from issuing them after 2,100 were wrongly renewed. DMV officials wanted these permits found before they were shipped.

At the DMV’s request, IDEMIA said the DMV did not want to use a plan that would delete all IDs created during the affected period before recreating them. That meant identifying more than 2,100 cards out of the 10,000 the company produces every day.

“We ended up with ten days’ worth of login credentials that needed to be printed,” said Lisa Shoemaker of IDEMIA. “It took several days to understand how many references the DMV was looking for.”

Commissioner Goodwin said the option to restart was not presented to them until May, and one of the solutions to clear the backlog required moving production to a second factory.

Lawmakers said this may have violated state law; However, Goodwin said he believes the DMV has always worked within the law.

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