Middle Tennessee authorities are pursuing new leads in the 20-year-old Wix case

It’s been more than two decades since a Robertson County mother and her two-year-old daughter vanished without a trace, and investigators confirmed this week that they are conducting new searches in a case that was thought to be long gone.

Jennifer Wix was 22 years old when she and her daughter, Adrianna, were reported missing by family members on March 27, 2004.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office are looking for new leads and tips as they come in, and that has included new searches, a TBI public information official said this week.

It was not immediately clear which areas were searched or whether anything was discovered as a result of those searches.

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“Investigators also continue to review and revisit information that has already been collected,” TBI officials said in a statement Wednesday.

At the time of her disappearance, Jennifer Wix’s mother, Kathy Nale, told authorities that she had last spoken to her daughter three days earlier, when Jennifer Wix called angrily about an argument she had with her live-in boyfriend, William Joseph “Joey”. Bent over.

Detectives interviewed Benton, then 23, at the time. He initially told them that Jennifer Wix had left on March 25, 2004, with a friend he did not know, according to previous reporting in The Tennessean.

The story changed later.

In his final statement to authorities, Benton said he took Jennifer Wix and her daughter to a convenience store in Cross Plains at her request. He left them at a local gas station and watched them get into a white four-door car, the affidavit said.

Benton also told investigators that Jennifer Wix returned to his property the next day to retrieve her belongings, but none of his information was ever confirmed, officials said in previous interviews.

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Several searches of Benton’s property have taken place over the years, including the draining and search of a pond there, and Benton has not been ruled out as a suspect, according to previous interviews with law enforcement.

In December 2013, the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office reclassified the Wix case from missing persons to homicide investigation.

Messages seeking comment from the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office were not returned at the time of writing for this story.

If anyone has information regarding the disappearance of Jennifer and Adrianna Wix, please contact the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, or TBI, at 1-800-TBI-FIND, or at [email protected].

Katie Nixon can be reached at [email protected].

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