GA spots appear to be the most underrated entertainment spots

ATLANTA – A new survey of partygoers reveals Georgia’s hottest, most underrated nightlife spots.


  • Survey among partygoers reveals the most underrated nightlife locations of 2024.
  • Virginia-Highland (Atlanta) also included.
  • Infographic showing the top 100 hidden nightlife spots in America.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is known for its lively bars, jazz clubs and iconic Mardi Gras celebrations. The Las Vegas Strip is internationally famous for its casinos, nightclubs and extravagant shows, while millions of people flock to South Beach, Miami every year to enjoy its trendy nightclubs, beachside bars and vibrant party scene.

But beyond these well-known party centers, America offers countless options where partygoers can experience exceptional nightlife with a more local touch. So where should you go? Wealth of Geeks wanted to answer this question. They polled the opinions of 3,000 partygoers across the country and asked them to reveal what they think are the most underrated nightlife spots in America.

America’s top 10 hidden gems for nightlife are as follows:

#1 Sawtelle Japantown, Los Angeles, California
A unique nightlife experience awaits you in Sawtelle Japantown, also known as Little Osaka. This neighborhood offers a mix of Japanese bars, ramen shops, and karaoke spots, all in a relaxed yet lively atmosphere, making it a hidden gem in Los Angeles.

#2 Cooper-Young, Memphis, Tenn
In Memphis, the Cooper-Young neighborhood comes alive with its diverse selection of unique bars and restaurants. Railgarten, with its outdoor games and live music, and Alchemy, with stylish craft cocktails, add to the area’s vibrant charm.

#3 Downtown Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina
Downtown Greenwood is experiencing a nightlife renaissance, with a variety of unique bars and pubs. Howard’s on Main is a local favorite for its friendly atmosphere and live music, while Good Times Brewing offers a cozy environment with excellent drinks and food.

#4 Hamtramck, Detroit, Michigan
Hamtramck is an independent city in Detroit known for its cultural diversity and vibrant nightlife. Whiskey in the Jar is a local dive bar with a friendly atmosphere, and Bumbo’s offers creative cocktails and a cozy atmosphere.

#5 Downtown Ames, Ames, Iowa
A vibrant nightlife thrives in downtown Ames, with its energetic college town atmosphere. A variety of bars, clubs and live music venues make it a popular place for socializing and entertainment.

#6 East End, Charleston, West Virginia
Charleston’s East End offers a vibrant nightlife with charming bars, pubs and eateries. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and local flavor, it is the perfect place for a relaxing night out.

#7 Railyard District, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe’s Railyard District is an up-and-coming neighborhood, with a mix of bars, restaurants and cultural venues. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and great craft beers at Second Street Brewery, or the unique experience of movies, food and drinks at Violet Crown Cinema.

#8 North Main, Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville’s North Main Street offers a relaxing nightlife with several bars and dining options. The inviting atmosphere and local character make it ideal for a relaxing evening.

#9 Arcata Plaza, Arcata, California
The heart of Arcata’s nightlife is found in Arcata Plaza, where a bohemian atmosphere meets dive bars, craft breweries and live music venues.

#10 Cotton Avenue District, Macon, Georgia
The Cotton Avenue District in Macon rounds out the top 10 and offers a vibrant nightlife with charming bars and eateries. Known for its historic ambiance and friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect place for a relaxing night out.

The survey showed that there is 1 other hidden gem in the nightlife Georgia (national position included):

#35 Virginia Highland, Atlanta
Virginia-Highland is a historic district with a vibrant nightlife, with a mix of trendy bars and restaurants. Hand in Hand is a popular pub with a cozy atmosphere, and Atkins Park Restaurant and Bar offers a great selection of drinks and food.

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Our research shows that there are many lesser-known destinations that offer nightlife experiences that are as exciting as they are unique. It’s time to look beyond the usual hotspots and discover the diverse and dynamic scenes that America has to offer” says Michael Dinich of Wealth of Geeks.

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