A NJ man told his mother he was “sorry” before stabbing her to death, police say

A 25-year-old New Jersey man accused of stabbing his mother to death in their Monmouth County home told her early Monday morning that he was sorry before plunging a knife into her chest as she lay in bed, authorities said.

Police officers found Loretta Parody lying on the floor in the home’s foyer when officers arrived at the home on Porter Road in Howell around 1:10 a.m., according to the criminal complaint detailing murder and weapons charges against her son, Robert Parody.

Robert Parody was standing outside the home when officers arrived, the complaint said. When a police officer asked Robert who was injured, he replied, “My mother.” The officer then asked if she was still alive and the man replied, “No.”

His mother, however, was still alive, although seriously injured, authorities said. When police found her in the foyer with another person who lived in the house, Loretta told police her son apologized before stabbing her.

She also managed to convey to police that Robert repeatedly entered her room and went up and down the stairs before attacking her, the court document said. The two also struggled with the knife during the attack, authorities said.

Police officers treated Loretta Parody before emergency workers rushed her to an area hospital, where the 61-year-old died around 4:45 a.m. Monday.

The witness told police that Robert had been “acting strangely” on Sunday and referred police to the blood-stained knife, which was left in the kitchen, the affidavit said.

Robert suffered a head injury in a dirt bike accident in 2015 and was never the same afterward, New Jersey 101.5 FM radio reported.

Parody remains held in the Monmouth County Jail. A hearing on the detention is tentatively scheduled for Friday morning, the prosecutor’s office said. Information about the suspect’s attorney was not available.

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