Home listings in Dona Ana County were asking for the same amount in May – see the current median price here

The average home in Dona Ana County was on the market for $365,000 in May, up from $365,000 the month before, an analysis of data shows.

Compared to May 2023, the average list price of a home increased 3.4% from $353,525.

The statistics in this article refer only to homes for sale in Dona Ana County, not homes that have been sold. Information about your local housing market, along with other useful community data, is available at

Dona Ana County’s average home was 2,000 square feet, listed at $186 per square foot. The price per square meter of homes for sale has increased by 3.7% compared to May 2023.

Listings in Dona Ana County moved slowly, with an average of 61 days listed, compared to May’s national average of 44 days on the market. In the previous month, homes had been on the market for an average of 58 days. Approximately 212 new homes came onto the market in May, a decrease of 10.2% compared to the 236 new homes in May 2023.’s average home prices may exclude many or even most of the homes on the market. Price and volume represent single-family homes, condominiums, or townhomes only. They include existing homes but exclude most new-build homes and pending and conditional sales.

In New Mexico, median home prices were $395,425, up slightly from April. The average New Mexico home for sale was 1,994 square feet, priced at $205 per square foot.

In the United States, the average home price was $442,450, up slightly from the previous month. The average American home for sale was listed at 1,859 square feet, priced at $233 per square foot.

The average list price for homes used in this report represents the midpoint of all homes or units listed during the given period. Experts say the median provides a more accurate picture of what’s happening in a market than the average list price, which would mean taking the sum of all list prices and then dividing it by the number of homes sold. The average may be distorted by a particularly low or high price.

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