Maddow Blog | In Pennsylvania, Republicans booed officers who were defending

There are all kinds of contrasts between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but one of the most striking is the difference between their approaches to January 6. For example, the presumptive Republican nominee has offered praise, support and vows to the January 6 rioters. future pardon. We have reached the point in the cycle where the presumptive Republican nominee refers to the January 6 rioters as “hostages” in virtually every public appearance while focusing on his ties to suspected and convicted insurrectionists.

In contrast, the incumbent Democrat’s team recently deployed three police officers as of Jan. 6: Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, Agent Harry Dunn and Agent Danny Hodges – to hit the campaign trail as surrogates and warn voters about the threat Trump poses to our system of government.

The result is a dynamic in which the former Republican president sides with those who committed acts of violence against police officers, while the incumbent Democratic president aligns himself with the officers themselves.

It was against this backdrop that two of the officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 spoke — or at least they did tried to speak – Wednesday before state lawmakers in Pennsylvania. As NBC News reported, Republicans in the House apparently didn’t want to listen.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said this week that voters should view the Republican Party as “the rule of law team.” His timing could have been better.

“All Democrats stood and applauded the officers, while a majority of Republicans either remained seated — without clapping — began booing or left the floor,” Majority Caucus Chairman Mike Schlossberg said in a statement. “I want to be clear: There were absolutely Republican members who applauded and stood their ground. But a majority did not.”

One of Schlossberg’s Democratic colleagues, state Rep. Greg Scott, said Republicans who booed the officers left him “in total shock.”

“I hear them talking about being the party of law and order,” Scott added. “They would like the world to think that they are the party that stands behind the blue – but yesterday they made that clear. They only support the orange man.”

Democrats say Rep. Ryan Bizzarro went so far as to describe Republicans’ behavior as “the behavior of someone in a cult.”

For his part, Dunn said in a written statement that it was “sad but not surprising that Trump’s allies in the Pennsylvania State House followed his lead in mocking the January 6 attack.”

“The fact that they are afraid to listen to those of us who were there and witnessed firsthand the political violence of January 6 speaks volumes,” Dunn added.

Gonell, an Iraq War veteran who was injured by pro-Trump rioters on Jan. 6, released his own statement accusing Pennsylvania House Republicans of “abandoning the truth” and ” to have sided with those who attacked us’.

The former president’s open hostility toward law enforcement is well documented, but it appears his stance has also been embraced by too many of his Republican allies.

This message updates our related previous reporting.

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