Oklahoma Softball praises God live on ESPN after winning historic 4th consecutive NCAA title

The University of Oklahoma Sooners softball team continued their unprecedented dominance Thursday after securing the program’s fourth consecutive national championship.

The Sooners defeated the top-seeded Texas Longhorns 8-4 in Game 2 of the Women’s College World Series, capping a historic season in which Oklahoma posted an outstanding 59-7 record.

As ESPN notes, the Sooners now rank sixth on the list of most consecutive national championships won by a college sports team.

But as brilliant as the Lady Sooners were on the field, what the players did after their victory was just as, if not more, impressive.


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Just after the final out, ESPN reporter Holly Rowe spoke to Sooners pitcher Kelly Maxwell, who announced who she credited with the victory.

“I knew I was going to give all the glory to God,” Maxwell said.

But it wasn’t just Maxwell who displayed her faith. Her teammate, outfielder Riley Boone, praised God during the post-game press conference.

Commenting on the season, Boone said she felt God’s “hand on this program” more than ever.

“People look at us and ask questions about: why do you do what you do? How can you even do this? And the answer is always God,” she added.

Speaking about what the program’s fourth consecutive title means, Boone said, “It matters, but it doesn’t matter.”

She clarified that “this is spiritually unsatisfying.”

Boone said that regardless of the team’s performance, she will always remember what God has done for her and her teammates.


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“You remember the breakthroughs that God brings in, Jada, Tia, Kelly, the baptisms. That’s what matters,” she explained.

And earlier this week, outfielder Jayda Coleman said that win, lose or tie, she will always have Christ.

This show of faith is nothing new for the Sooners. They also gave all the glory to God after their national championship victory last year.

You can’t help but admire these women. After winning four consecutive national titles, it would be easy to give yourself and your team all the credit.

But as Boone noted at the press conference, God is greater than the successes we can achieve in this life. As Jesus said in John 18:36, His kingdom “is not of this world,” so we cannot expect things in this life to come close to the glory we can encounter through God.

Everyone should emulate the feelings of these women and remember that in the end, God really does matter.

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