Baby Gronk pledges to Minnesota after South Carolina, Pitt pledges

Baby Gronk continued to change his collegiate allegiance on Friday.

The social media sensation announced that he had reversed his commitment to the Minnesota Golden Gophers. This comes just a day after he reportedly made commitments to both Pitt and South Carolina.

Baby Gronk’s commitments don’t just include the Golden Gophers, Panthers and Gamecocks. He has also pledged allegiance to programs like Alabama, USC and Texas.

These commitments are far from official, as the schools can only officially offer a perspective in the first year of high school. Considering that Baby Gronk is 11 years old and hasn’t even started high school yet, these claims are definitely meant for social media attention.

Notably, the account used to promote the 11-year-old, whose real name is Madden San Miguel, is run by his father, Jake. The elder San Miguel has stated that the efforts to market his son are “planned” and that it is being done to enhance his career as a “creator” and “influencer.”

While the legitimacy of these pledges may be questioned, the 11-year-old’s social footprint has certainly benefited as he has amassed 323,000 subscribers on YouTube and 521,000 followers on Instagram.

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