Ryan Walters responds to subpoenas from Rep. McBride

Last August, Democrats in the House of Representatives began calling for an investigation into State Superintendent Ryan Walters.

This request stemmed from reports that the Oklahoma State Board of Education had not applied for federal grants.

A few months later, Republicans in the House of Representatives began asking questions about federal funding and twice brought Walters in to testify before the state House.

Walters has denied any wrongdoing.

News 9’s Capitol Reporter Haley Wager was able to sit down with Walters and Rep. Mark McBride (R-Moore) to hear their side of the story.

Walters and McBride have been at odds, and now that subpoenas are involved, tension between them has increased.

McBride served Walters with two subpoenas and a request for an attorney general investigation.

In response, Walters said, “I’m not worried about that. I mean, Mark (McBride) can send all the stupid letters he wants. I mean, Mark (McBride) doesn’t even understand what he’s asking for.”

McBride’s request was for more information about the employment of Matt Langston, a senior advisor at OSDE.

“I don’t think Matt Langston is playing a positive role for the Oklahoma Department of Education, I think that’s where a check is drawn,” McBride said.

“Now he is trying to target my staff to continue to disrupt and discourage our agenda of getting Oklahoma schools back on track,” McBride continued.

McBride stated that Langston cashes six-figure checks but does not serve a positive role at OSDE, calling him a “ghost employee.”

Walters calls this an attack.

“The teachers union and the LGBTQ+ groups contact Mark McBride and say we want you to attack Ryan. Subpoena him again. And he says, ‘Yes, I will do it.’ And he has the speaker sign it as Well ,” Walters said.

“The childish behavior of name-calling and putting people down, that’s just kind of a little man trying to be a bully,” Walters said.

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