North Dakota declares crisis at its northern border

North Dakota officials gave their views to members of the House Judiciary Committee late last month, arguing that the northern border cannot withstand the border crisis that has already caused chaos on America’s southwest border with Mexico.

According to Fox News, communities in North Dakota along the US-Canada border have noticed an increase in crime, drugs and homelessness due to the rise of illegal alien crossings. That’s why four North Dakota officials stood before House lawmakers Wednesday to describe the crisis at the border, hoping they could help solve the problem “orchestrated” by the Biden administration.

Since 2023, North Dakota has seen a 7 percent increase in violent crime, a 29 percent increase in homelessness and a 79 percent increase in drug overdose deaths, according to Fox News reporting.

“We have illegal aliens entering farmers’ fields and destroying crops,” Rebecca Davis, executive director of the Valhalla Chamber of Commerce, told Fox and Friends First ahead of her testimony in Congress. “And then, with the lack of (border) personnel, it comes down to residents calling if they see something… taking police out of our small towns.”

Davis also said “reduced” staff hours at the Valhalla Port of Entry have “impacted” trade and travel with Canada. People now have to travel 63 kilometers away to the next 24-hour port of entry.

During the hearing titled “The Biden Border Crisis: North Dakota Perspectives,” Davis said the “reduced” staffing levels and “lack of adequate border personnel” have had “severe humanitarian consequences.” Illegal alien families have been found ‘dead’ and are ‘told’ that crossing the northern border is ‘easier’ than the southern border.

North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley testified that his state’s border crisis is caused by “negative law enforcement impacts” caused by the Biden administration’s “refusal to close the border.”

Wrigley and Cass County Sheriff Jess Jahner said the state was also negatively impacted by the border crisis at the southern border. Drug trafficking across the southern border from Mexico, “especially” fentanyl, had brought a strong presence of the deadly drug into the state.

For example, Jahner said Cass County is connected by two major highways, making the “narcotics trade” “accessible and attractive” to the community.

Jahner claims to have contacted the Border Patrol for “matters” related to illegal border crossings, but was told by the Border Patrol that they did not have sufficient resources to provide Cass County with the assistance needed to support local law enforcement which suffered most from the crisis.

The sheriff of Renville County, a county that sits right on the U.S.-Canada border, agreed with Jahner, warning Republican lawmakers that a “lack of resources” has left the border open to national threats as illegal aliens flow into the U.S. .

Roger Hutchinson testified that law enforcement officers now spend much of their time responding to calls about “dead bodies, high-speed chases, property damage and humanitarian rescue efforts” – all involving illegal aliens or caused by unlawfully crossing the border .

In March, House Republicans sent a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s ousted and ousted Secretary of Homeland Security, expressing “grave concerns” about an “unprecedented wave of apprehensions” along the northern border.

According to the office of Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), Border Patrol agents apprehended 10,021 illegal aliens entering between ports of entry in fiscal year 2023 – 2,229 of those arrests occurred in the first four months. Compared to the first four months of fiscal year 2024, during which the Border Patrol apprehended 4,772 illegal aliens, the problem is clearly worsening.

“It is time to close the border or come up with structured policies… that put the citizens of our country first,” Jahner said.

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